Friday, June 29, 2012

2012 Goals Check-In

1. Participate in Project 52 -- I actually amended this goal to a Project 366 -- I am still on track but I am a bit slow posting and uploading my photos.  You can also follow along on my Flickr page

2. Lose 5 lbs -- I have met and exceeded this goal and I have exceeded my goal weight!  I actually weigh less now than I did when I got married 7+ years ago!  My goal now is to not really focus on losing weight anymore...but now I am going to start focusing on building muscle and tone and reducing my body fat percentage...But enough of this talk, I am planning a separate post on this altogether, so stay tuned!

3. Run a 10K - I conquered this on June 21, 2012 -- may that day go down in history in case I don't repeat it, LOL!  So exciting!  I completed it in 1:06:02 -- which was an average pace of 10:37/mi.  That's a bit slower than my normal pace, but I set off slow to make sure I had enough energy to complete it.  Since then, I have run 7-8K on several runs without issue.  I do have to run slower than my normal 10 min or less/mile pace.  I find I like to alternate running for speed versus running for distance to keep my body guessing.  Running is definitely becoming a big part of my life now -- I never thought I'd say that I actually enjoy it, but I do!  I look forward to getting out and running.  I try to run 4-5 times a week -- I like to rest between long runs and alternate with strength training...but I try to never skip running two days in a row if possible.  So far this year, Laura (my awesome running partner) and I have run one 5K -- we finished in 31 minutes which was FOUR minutes faster than our 5K time last year.  Our goal is to complete a 5K in under 30 we'll see if we can conquer that one too!

4. Finish painting the rest of the house -
I got the living room, family room and dining room finished.  I want to put a fresh coat of paint in the hallway and downstairs bathroom...but the majority of the house is finished!  Wahoo!  Oh yeah, let's not forget the TWO STORY FOYER and STAIRWELL.  Ick.  not to mention the wallpaper that needs to be stripped.  DOUBLE ICK.

5. Save more money -- we've worked hard on this aspect and have had some minor success.  It's hard to save money when you are fixing things up or living in a house for the first year -- you just seem to find things you need to fix or replace all the time.  With that said, we have made some cuts here and there to save for things.  We are also in the process of refinancing (yes..I soon, right?) because we can lock in at a 3.75% rate with no closing costs.  You can't beat that!  :)

6. Go green with ALL (or almost all) my household cleaners
So far I am using homemade laundry detergent, homemade fabric softener, homemade granite and counter spray (and sometimes Method or Seventh Generation), homemade dishwasher detergent and I am making some homemade glass cleaner this weekend.  All in all, I do like the homemade cleaners witch the exception of dishwasher detergent -- it just doesn't seem to do the job right.  It was hard adjusting to the homemade laundry detergent because you definitely don't get the fragrance or suds you do from Tide -- but sudsing doesn't necessary mean cleaner

106 | 366 laundry soap

7. Be more present in the moment -- I have to say, I worked really hard on this and felt I made some improvements and then my husband went and got me a new personal assistant for my birthday (hello, Siri) and I am finding myself slipping back into my old ways....need to re-focus on this one, I think! 

8. Take a class or learn something new - I need to also get cracking on this one!  Going through this list is a good reminder!

9.  Plant a Garden
We planted a small garden alongside the back of the house -- I would still like a larger one on the south side of the house or some raised beds, but not sure that will be happening this year....

10. Show the people in my life who are important to me JUST how important they are to me -- I try to tell the people in my life how important they are, but this is a good reminder to also show them in my actions -- I will continue to work on improving in this area.

11. Get caught up on all the photos/photo books, etc that I am behind on -- I made some progress and now I am just procrastinating.  I hate doing this job in the summer -- it would be easier if we were to just get a rainy day --- but no rain here in a LONG time!

12. Do something for ME at least once a month
This one is definitely a top prioirty!  And, I have to say -- running 4-5 times a week IS something for ME.  But the massages are pretty nice too.  :)

Over all, NOT BAD for being halfway done with the year!  I am actually really REALLY pleased with how much progress I've made!  And just wait until the year is totally done, right?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Bucket List 2012

Summer is here (ALREADY!) in full force and we're working on trying to fit in all 50 things on our Summer Bucket List.  So far we've managed to cross of quite a few of these (I'll blog on those later with pictures of course). 

I found the Summer Bucket List template HERE -- you have to print it off after filling it in (and then I scanned mine in to share with you).  It's a cute idea!  The boys love it!

Do you have a bucket list?  What's on it for this summer?  Am I missing anything on ours?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Project 366: Week 23

155 badges

155 | 366 June 3, 2012 -- the boys are sporting their new police badges that they received after helping out during an emergency at the baseball stadium.

155 drink mom

155 | 366 June 3, 2012 - Sam was helping me indulge this afternoon!

156 matching shirts

156 | 366 June 4, 2012 - Daddy and Sam are wearing matching Hard Rock Copenhagen t-shirts!

157 lunch box

157 | 366 June 5, 2012 -- Max's lunch box for cold lunch days

158 fire men

158 | 366 June 6, 2012 -- the view from my office window...

159 alone time

159 | 366 June 7, 2012 -- little Max and I are trying have Mommy Max days at least once
a week. 
160 tired dog

160 | 366 June 8, 2012 - my running companion looks a little more tired than me.

161 dinner and drinks

161 | 366 June 9, 2012 -- the perfect end to a perfect day.

161 muddy

161 | 366 June 9, 2012 -- I participated in my first mud run this year -- SO much fun! (more on this later!!!)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Video updates - June 2012

I tried taking videos of the boys for Fathers Day....but (as often happens) it didn't turn out as picture perfect as it appeared in my head. So, we made a different crafty for Dad instead and called it a day. Looking back, the videos are kind of at least they won't go to waste because I'll share them with you here.

I do have a few other funny ones I snapped on my new phone (hello, Siri!) which really makes picture and video taking so much easier! Everyone teases me that I always have my phone on me....but hey! I don't miss a moment, do I??

And don't worry, I haven't forgotten those pesky 2012 goals...and I know I owe you an update. I've made a lot of great progress that I can't wait to share! But you'll just have to be patient because there is a lot of life living going on around these parts...and I don't want to miss a second of that!!

Max age 4.5 -- what a silly boy!


Sam age 2 -- what a sweetie!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Project 366: Week 22

148 | 366 party time

148 | 366 Party Time
May 27, 2012 - celebrating Memorial day weekend with friends and family

149 | 366 brothers

149 | 366 brothers
May 28, 2012 -- impromptu photo session in the front yard.  Love these boys!

150 popcorn

150 | 366 popcorn
May 29, 2012 -- I decided to make popcorn on the stove and added a little too much.  oops!

151 good friends

151 | 366 Good Friends
May 30, 2012 Max misses living next door to "grandma Jan and grandpa Dave" so we made them a rhubarb crumble as an excuse to go visit.

152 friends

152 | 366 Friends
May 31, 2012 -- old neighbors Owen and Evan come over for a play date

153 new rug

153 | 366 New Rug
June 1, 2012 -- our new door mat arrives and I love the way it looks in front of the front door!

154 zoo class

154| 366 Zoo Class
June 2, 2012 -- Sam goes to his very first Zoo class -- Carousel!  He LOVED it!

154 baseball

154 | 366 Baseball
June 2, 2012 -- later that same day we went to the Brewer game for Daddy's company picnic.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Last weekend the weather was perfect and we were all outside playing in the yard...Sam and I were rolling around in the grass and the lighting was so beautiful I ran inside to grab the camera....and we had an impromptu photo shoot. 
Man, I LOVE these boys!  Aren't they adorable???

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Project 366: Week 21

141 | 366 kabobs

141 | 366 kabobs
May 20, 2012 - dinner tonight...mmm good!

142 | 366 pool time

142 | 366 pool time
May 21, 2012 - we got home from school/work, and the kids wanted to go swimming -- so they just took off their clothes and went right in! Who am I to say no and spoil their fun?? :)

143 | 366 rhubarb

143 | 366 rhubarb
May 22, 2012 -- I am blessed to have an ample supply of rhubarb each spring. I promise to pay back with rhubarb crumb cake!!

144 | 366 long run

144 | 366 long run
May 23, 2012 -- ok, so screenshot is kind of cheating... But, this is the longest run that I have done intentionally and without being forced, LOL. I am proud!

145 | 366 patio furniture

145 | 366 patio furniture
May 24, 2012 -- we brought the patio furniture out and bought new cushions, so the boys of course had to test it out!

146 | 366 popsicle

146 | 366 popsicle
May 25, 2012 -- It's popsicle season again!

147 | 366 pancakes

147 | 366 pancakes
May 26, 2012 -- pancakes on a Saturday? What is this world coming to?? :)