Monday, December 20, 2010

6 months of phone photos

I've found I've been using my cell phone to take pictures more frequently -- the ease of having it around to catch those everyday moments is obvious!

I put together this slideshow of all the photos in my phone from June - December -- WOW!  It was so much fun to go back in time over the past 6 months.  We really truly do live a blessed life -- look at all the fun things we get to do and see!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

8 months

Can you believe Sam is 8 MONTHS old already?  Yeah, neither can I!!  It is amazing how fast time has just flown by, and this little tiny newborn has grown and filled out into this personality filled little boy.


Sam is rarely without a smile on his face -- he is very laid back and go-with-the-flow, which works quite well with a three year old around.  :)

He has been sitting like a champ for a while now, and is starting to lunge forward almost into a hands-knee position.  Lil Max didn't crawl until he was closer to 10 months old, so this will be interesting if he starts to crawl soon -- I'll have to get more vigilant about actually child-proofing the house.  The task is just much more daunting with a three year old's toys everywhere -- and its not easy to explain why he has to keep certain toys in his room....

The solids bandwagon was met with little resistance, and Sam has plunged full force into self-feeding.  In fact, he much prefers feeding himself (I think we just don't feed him FAST enough for his liking...).  He shovels handfuls of cheerios, puffs, banana chunks, etc. into his mouth like crazy.  He's also mastered the sippy cup (one handed) and enjoys taking a nice swig of water or breast milk after stuffing his cheekers full of treats.  The kid is a hoot to watch eat.

He's also getting quite vocal -- saying mama and dada and lots of other combinations of syllables.  He enjoys talking to himself quite a bit, and I swear he is sometimes holding a conversation with himself.  He especially likes it when we play games with his mouth and lips -- making him make silly noises.  He has taken now to doing this himself -- by shoving his entire fist in and out of his mouth.  It never fails to make us laugh.

He also enjoys banging on things to make lots of fun new noises.  This is usually accompanied by some pretty rhythmic head "shaking".  I'd like to think he's saying "no", but I know better.  He does it at some pretty funny times though...and it makes him laugh while he's doing it...what can I say, he's a self entertainer!

He's  been an angel when it comes to sleeping (although I always curse myself when I type these things out).  He goes down easily around 6:30-7pm and has been sleeping through until around 5:30-6 am -- if we have to go to work, this is perfect timing, and I can usually get him to go back down for another 1/2 hour or so before I wake him to get dressed.  On a weekend day, he goes back down and usually buys us until 7-7:30.  He seems to be following suit to his older brother on liking 12 hours of night time sleep.  His naps have also started getting much more predictable -- he takes 2 a day for me at home -- usually around 10 and 2.  (Daycare is another story).  He usually goes down easily (kicks himself into sleepy land) and sleeps for 1.5-2 hours each nap.  I have no complaints in the sleep category.  It must be that soft velour crib sheet he has...I wish they made those in King size.... :)

This child seriously amazes me everyday with his go with the flow attitude.  Lil Max was pretty much an angel at this age also, but NOTHING like this.  I always say that I don't know what I did to deserve this little angel, but if I did I'd be rich! 

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Tis the season to be Jolly...

or NOT.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's the most MUSICAL time of the year REVISED

So, since my play list was too long to fit on one CD, I added enough music to make my Holiday 2010 play list 2 CDs long....a double bonus for all of you that commented on my original post.

And, for those of you that didn't, I am going to let you in on the list of music, just in case you want to add to your own collection:

Song For A Winter's Night - Sarah McLachlan
O Come All Ye Faithful - Amy Grant
Follow the Shepherd Home - Mindy Smith
Christmas Day -Dido
God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen - Jars Of Clay
Amid the Falling Snow - Enya
Blue Christmas - Sheryl Crow
Silent Night - Alexi Murdoch
It Really Is (A Wonderful Life) -Mindy Smith
Snow Angel -Tori Amos
Winter Song - Sara Bareilles
What Child Is This? -Barlowgirl
Breath Of Heaven (Mary's Song) - Amy Grant
We Wish You a Merry Christmas - Weezer
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear - Frank Sinatra
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town - Mason Jennings
Someday At Christmas -Jack Johnson
Face Of Love - Jewel
Wintersong - Sarah McLachlan
Children Go Where I Send Thee -Natalie Merchant
Soul Cake - Sting
Baby, It's Cold Outside - Lady Antebellum
Bluegrass Christmas - Del McCoury Band
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel - Big Daddy Weave
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - Jack Johnson
The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) - India.Arie & Stevie Wonder
My Only Wish - Jessica Simpson
Silent Night - Sixpence None The Richer
Silent Night - Ben Harper & The Blind Boys Of Alabama
O Holy Night - Tracy Chapman
The Heartache Can Wait - Brandi Carlile
A New York Christmas - Rob Thomas
Very Merry Christmas - Dave Barnes
All I Want - The Weepies
Christmas Secrets - Enya
Joy To The World - Casting Crowns

Congrats again to MONNIE, the randomly selected winner of my Holiday Music Post.  You will be receiving a little package with a few of my Favorite Things (Oprah Style):
- Holiday 2010 2 CD set
- gift pack of Bert's Bees goods
- Travel Size of LuSa Organics Booty Balm (I cannot tell you how much this stuff ROCKS...and I know that you CD, and it is CD safe also!  I also sneak a little to use for myself because it smells so good...)
- $5 gift card to Caribou Coffee (hope there's one in Madison...otherwise come to Milwaukee to visit me and we can go get a drink!)

And congrats also to MISTY, the winner of my food art post -- while I didn't announce there would be a winner, I was so impressed that Misty got it right that I had to give her a little something extra.  So, in addition to your Holiday 2010 2 CD set, you will also be getting:
- a Stefanie original CD "Music to Birth By"  -- I promise there will be no LL Cool J, as was present during my labor with Max
- a Travel Size of LuSa Organics Booty Balm (seriously, cannot recommend this stuff any MORE).


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

rocket to the moon

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Monday, December 6, 2010


I've been busy cranking out the CDs, and will be mailing them out to those of you that commented on my Holiday Music post with your favorites -- thank you!  I will be sure to add your suggestions to my next holiday mix (that I will probably make next week...LOL).

ALL of you are in for a treat, because I realized that my playlist was too long to fit all on one CD, so I added a few more tracks and you will each be receiving a double CD set!  :)  If I don't have your address (and if you think I don't, I probably don't...) please email me at stefanie dot mclaughlin at gmail.

ALSO...the lucky winner (chosen by Random Number Generator) is:


Congrats, Monnie -- I'll be tucking in a few of my OTHER holiday favorites for you to enjoy as you listen to your new holiday double CD set.  :)

Also -- MISTY -- you will be also be getting a special treat from me for correctly ID'ing lil Max's food art -- it was in fact, a "face"...his mediums were a slice of bologna (and yes, I sing the song also) and a string cheese....

Thanks for playing along, everyone!!   Ho Ho Ho!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

food art

Any guesses?
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

2010 Christmas Card?

This MAY or MAY NOT be our Christmas card for 2010 -- but, I am curious what YOU think about it?



I also should add that by sharing this project with you, I'll get a $25 promo code for use at Shutterfly!  Combine that with the 50 free prints I got for blogging about Shuttefly earlier...and WHAT A DEAL!  My 150+ Xmax card list doesn't look quite so daunting anymore!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's the most MUSICAL time of the Year....

I can't deny it.

I LOVE Christmas music.  Like L.O.V.E. it.  I have over 350 Xmax songs on my iPod and the 'Holiday' genre has it's own smart playlist.  I even have a playlist for 'music library without holiday' because I leave the holiday music on my iPod all year never know when a little Silent Night will bring you out of a foul mood...

I made a bet with myself that this year I wouldn't start listening to holiday music until Dec 1 (TODAY).  I did not uphold my end of the bet, because I spent the weekend refining my Holiday Playlist and downloading NEW music to it.  :)  So, I cheated a little bit...

This year, I compiled a playlist of my favorite Seasonal Tunes so I can listen to it over and over again.  It has been on repeat all day long already!  I would love to share it with you, my few and far between readers, for your holiday musical brings me so much JOY.

AND, because I love you SO MUCH, I will burn a CD of my most favorite holiday music to everyone who leaves a comment on this post -- you just have to comment and tell me what YOUR favorite holiday song is!  I figure this would be a great way to maybe add some new music to my holiday playlist.

ONE lucky commenter will also win a little care package to go along with their Holiday Mix...contents TBD.  :)

Can't wait to hear from you!

My 2010 Christmas Favorites:
1.  Face of Love - Jewel
2.  Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Mason Jennings
3.  Song For a Winter's Night - Sarah McLachlan
4.  My Only Wish - Jessica Simpson (it was a FREE iTunes download...give me a break)
5.  Silent Night - Alexi Murdoch
6.  Very Merry Christmas - Dave Barnes
7.  Wintersong - Sarah McLachlan (I could make an entire playlist of just Sarah....)
8.  It Really Is (A Wonderful Life) - Mindy Smith (I just discovered this artist, and LOVE her voice)
9.  Silent Night - Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama
10.  Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - Jack Johnson
11.  Bluegrass Christmas - Del McCoury Band (this song makes me laugh)
12.  Christmas Day - Dido
13.  Soul Cake - Sting
14.  Blue Christmas - Sheryl Crow
15.  All I Want - The Weepies
16.  The Heartache Can Wait - Brandi Carlile
17.  Winter Song - Sara Bareilles
18.  Breath of Heaven (Mary's Song) - Amy Grant (I think this song is on my list EVERY year)
19.  A New York Christmas - Rob Thomas (still haven't gotten over my love of him from college)
20.  The Christmas Song - India Arie and Stevie Wonder
21.  Follow the Shepherd Home - Mindy Smith (breathtaking)
22.  Amid the Falling Snow - Enya
23.  Someday at Christmas - Jack Johnson
24.  O Holy Night - Tracy Chapman
25.  Christmas Secrets - Enya
26.  Children Go Where I Send Thee - Natalie Merchant