Friday, July 30, 2010

Chippewa Falls

Last weekend we took our first family vacation and met up with our friends Jim and Bridget and Becky and Shea in Chippewa Falls, WI.  Normally, we do a BWCAW trip with Jim and Bridget (sans kiddos), but because both of our families had welcomed new arrivals in Spring, we thought a family vacation (with kiddos) was more appropriate this year.  Next year, we will be back to solitary wilderness however!  :)

It was wonderful to see Maddie -- our 4 yr old godchild and her new little brother, Ethan.  And, it was also our first adventure sleeping in ONE HOTEL ROOM with our new family of four.  All in all, in went OK.  But, it is definitely worth the splurge to get a suite with a seperate room for the kids...just saying...and I say that more for the 2.5 yr old than I do for the 3 month old!  Apparently, sleeping in your own queen sized bed is very exciting...LOL.

Sam (3 months) and Ethan (2 months)

The weekend was spent RELAXING, using the waterpark that was in our hotel, walking and exploring downtown Chippewa Falls (blink and you'll miss it) and, of course, the obligatory LEINIE's brewery tour!  :)  Max and I had down the brewery tour during our honeymoon (our roadtrip of northern WI), but it was nice to revisit.  Of  course, even better with friends along!
Just before this picture was taken, the kids threw coins into a fountain.  Max wished for "water".  We turned around and found a bubbler (yes, not a water fountain, a BUBBLER).  Needless to say, he was very excited.  :)

So were big Max and Jim....

Such a sweet boy...

I thought this bridge was really cool so I wanted our family photo taken by it.  Love it!

Lil Max was being a little shy...

The Beco has defintely gotten 5+ stars from me.  Not only is it comfie to carry Sam in (for 3+hrs while we walk), but it can also easily accomodate a 29 lb toddler (goes up to 45 lbs technically) enough so that he is comfortable enough to TAKE A NAP IN IT.  The nap may have only lasted 1/2 hr, but I was impressed!

It was lil Max's first experience on a water slide.  He was hesitant to go down the first time, but his first words after we went down were "I do it again!"  Gotta love this kid!
Ever since we've gotten home, Max keeps asking us to go on "another vacation".  We told him if that once he starts wearing underpants that we'll take him to "Mickey's House".  How's that for incentive?  LOL

Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 2010 Flood

We were supposed to participate in a 5K tonight...the same one we did last year where you get treated to a free beer after the run...

Severe weather kept us home, however -- torrential rain and thunderstorms rolled through the area.

Every year our yard seems to get more and more water as neighbors up the hill from us 'beautify' their backyards with swimming pools and concrete patios....they don't realize that this just creates less ground for the rain to soak into, and ultimately creates a flood the one that happened in our side yard.

The water has mostly receded during the lulls in the storm...but every time it starts raining again, the river/waterfall/rapids/lake comes back again....and the radar shows even more storms rolling through tonight...I hope our house doesn't wash away!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Max on Video

Here are two new videos of Max:

1.  How to pop a balloon -- max style

2.  A new interview with Max.  I heart this boy!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sam - 3 months!

Somebody turned 3 months old!!

Big brother Max is still loving every minute of being a big brother!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sam's first trip

I was lucky enough to be able to bring Sam along for an annual work trip to Martha's Vineyard this year.  The trip fell right on the cusp of the end of my maternity leave, and I made the decision to go even though my leave wasn't technically over yet.

Not knowing how well Sam would do travelling, in retrospect, that was a really risky decision.  But, seriously, this kid is so laid-back and mellow...he made the trip more enjoyable, and it was SO EASY.  It is even more impressive to me because I did the trip solo!

Sam was an angel baby the entire time.  He took the flights in stride.  He took the 8-hr meetings in stride by falling asleep for most of them!  :)  He went down each night without a fuss in the rented pack and play, woke up for his once a night feeding, and happily went back to sleep -- even letting mommy sleep IN a little bit!

In the end, I don't regret my decision a single bit.  It was a great experience for Sam, and now we know that he's a good traveler, so traveling again in the near future isn't quite as daunting!  YEAH SAM!

Ready to go!

Sam chilling on the flight from Mke to Boston

Sam actively participating in the meetings.

Taking a snooze next to mommy during one of the breaks.

Excited to see the ocean for the first time!


Dipping his twinkle toes in the ocean for the first time.

I think he liked it...

Here's a short video of the experience. You'll have to tilt your head to watch it though...I can't figure out how to rotate the clip....

Snuggling with some of our friends...

Chilling on the flight home...

And falling asleep...

Still asleep!  Welcome home!

Fourth of July Fun

We celebrated the Fourth of July this year and Ugly Uncle Bill's house on Beaver lake.  It was a LOT of fun, and we were so happy to be able to spend time with SO MANY of our family members.  Grumps is the oldest boy in a family of 9, and the 8 surviving siblings were all able to make it for the celebration.  Talk about a fun time!!

Lil Max is READY to GO!

Grumps and his youngest sister, Dottie.

Ladies working in the kitchen.  Everyone was concentrating really hard; you could hear a pin drop!

Grumps is always a favorite with the kiddos.

All the excitement wore Sam out.  Ok, not really.  The kid falls asleep everywhere... :)

Cutie cousin Eddie..

Lil Max in the bouncy house

All 8 of the Friedrichs' (from L to R): Boogie (Ines), Patty, Ellen, L.G. (aka Grumps), Chuck, Maryanne (Min), Bill and Dottie.


Lil Max LOVES blowing bubbles

Such a beautiful place to relax.

Cousins and second cousins.  Too many to name (but I CAN..and that counts for something!)

Our sweet family!

Grumps and lil Max contemplating life...or marshmallows

Yeah.  Definitely marshmallows...


Sa-wing! Batter!

The weekend was also special because we surprised my parents (Granna and Grumps) with a celebration for their 40th wedding anniversary (which was June 13th).

At first they were wondering what was up with a hot air balloon on their anniversary cake...

And then they realized that Max and I got them two tickets for their own hot air ballon ride as a present.  I think they liked it...we'll see after they go on their adventure. Granna asked if she was allowed to wear a parachute...  :)

Lil max was just hamming it up so he could have some cake.  He REALLY likes cake...

...and he also REALLY likes balloons....

It was a wonderful weekend, and we are so happy we got to share it with so many wonderful family members!!

July Phone Catch Up

Sam trying out his Bumbo seat

Max is overcome with hugs, and must give Sam a hug every moment he can...

Max riding the dinosaur at the zoo

Max and Ms. N checking out the animals...

The kids playing in the mister at the zoo.  Seriously.  Check out the JOY on Ms. N's face...



Ms. N, Mr. B and one of my favorite special ladies....  :)

Sam and Reily...almost holding hands... LOL

zonked out Sam in the sunlight...

sweet boy....