Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 2010 Flood

We were supposed to participate in a 5K tonight...the same one we did last year where you get treated to a free beer after the run...

Severe weather kept us home, however -- torrential rain and thunderstorms rolled through the area.

Every year our yard seems to get more and more water as neighbors up the hill from us 'beautify' their backyards with swimming pools and concrete patios....they don't realize that this just creates less ground for the rain to soak into, and ultimately creates a flood the one that happened in our side yard.

The water has mostly receded during the lulls in the storm...but every time it starts raining again, the river/waterfall/rapids/lake comes back again....and the radar shows even more storms rolling through tonight...I hope our house doesn't wash away!!


Anna said...

Oh no! I hope that it goes away soon and all the trees are a-ok.

mel said...

Maybe you should invite your neighbors over to swim in YOUR pool! {Was that too mean? I'm sure they didn't think about flooding you when they put in the amenities...}