Wednesday, September 24, 2014

eSalon - Made for You Custom Hair Color (product review)

I was selected by BzzAgent to try out and review the Made for You Custom Hair color from eSalon

The process for figuring out what color is right for you is so simple and eSalon makes it super easy to make your hair color specific and customized JUST FOR YOU.  So, you basically get salon quality color that you apply in the comfort of your own home!  A total win-win!

Basically, I just went to the website, picked the current color of my hair -- then the color I wanted it to be -- and finally uploaded a few pictures that showed my current hair color (so the team could be sure I was assessing it correctly).  I wanted to lighten up my color a little bit, so I picked a little lighter color than I thought I currently had (but not too much).  It proved to me that the system wasn't automated though, and that someone is actually reading what you select.  Less than a day later, I received a personalized email from a team member letting me know why my color choice wouldn't work so well and what she suggested instead.  I said 'go for it' and waited eagerly to get my product!

BzzAgent gave me a $60 credit to use however I pleased in addition to the customizable hair color product, so I picked up some Color Lock Shampoo and Conditioner, a coloring bowl and brush, and a magic 'touch up' wand for root coverage in between colorings.  

It has been 4 weeks since using my products (well everything except the magic touch up wand because the coverage of this product has been A.Mazing) and I have to say that I am very pleased.  The shampoo and conditioner have a great fragrance to them and they work really well and leave my hair feeling great.  The pump on the shampoo bottle could use some fixing (it is finicky), but that is really my only complaint.

At a price point of $20, I may or may not continue using this service.  I color at home between my salon appts to minimize my cost, and what I had been using was much less expensive than eSalon.  BUT, I like the results better, so I will have to see what kind of deals or discounts they continue to throw my way.  Overall, I am very happy with this product and would definitely recommend it to anyone!

But, here...see for yourself!

My kit and products (wine not included LOL)

Mixing and getting ready to apply the color

My wonderful 'before' roots (ignore my devilish eyeball)

Waiting for the coloring process to be finished.

Loving the color coverage and the richness!

Four weeks later and no visible roots like in my before picture!  Amazing!

See?  I'm so excited that I don't have to color my hair again after only 4 weeks!  :)

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