Monday, May 12, 2014

Benjamin - 6 months

Can you believe this little peanut is 6 MONTHS OLD?? (for two more days at least...come on slacker mom...hit post already!!)

Me neither...

And he is, quite literally, a peanut.  A long and skinny peanut.  He weighed in at 14 lbs 10 oz and 27.25 inches long at his last dr appt (which puts him at 80% for height and only 10% for weight).  

This one is always giving out smiles...but sometimes he makes you work for it. He has a very serious and observational nature.  I feel like he's studying everything around him all the time trying to figure out the best approach to do something.  Either that or, with two older LOUDER brothers, he doesn't feel the need to be very talkative.  

He's still got these gorgeous baby blues...definitely here to stay and oh SO pretty.  I love it when he sits and stares at me with those pretty baby blues.  SWOON.

He's almost got his sit mastered.  He's still a little wobbly.  I'll attribute it to his little tiny heiny...not much to balance on down there!  He's graduated to size 2 diapers and is wearing his 6-12 month clothing -- not because he needs it girthwise, but because everything else is way too short on him.  So, sometimes he looks like he's swimming in his clothes, but at least his ankles aren't getting too chilly.

Man, I love this baby.  I could seriously sit and stare at him ALL DAY LONG.  And I WILL!  I know I'm biased, but we seriously make the most adorable boy babies in the world!

Here are a few more photos of his sixth month of life:

These boys sure adore each other!

Sam (left), Max (middle), Ben (right)

All decked out in their matching spiderman t-shirts for Sam's 4th birthday.

Nope...he can't get any cuter...

With the weather warming up we've been able to spend more time outside.  Ben loves laying on his blanket in the yard and little Max makes a great babysitter!

He smiles a ton too!

Especially for his 'da-da'!

And, don't worry, he gets LOTS of kisses!

He enjoys exploring new things...

Trips to the park with his brothers...

Eating mum-mums....

Splashing in the bubble bath...

And chevron, of course (well...maybe that's mom that loves the chevron).

Stay tuned for 7 months in a few days! (Ha!  If I don't procrastinate and post it in a timely manner, that is...)