Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Sam took his first 'real' steps -- as in more than 3-4 on Friday when he walked across the room to me!!  I was so happy to be home with the boys to witness this!  I got to be with both boys when they took their 'first' steps.  :)

Sam has been a walking fool now that he figured it out.  He still is faster crawling...but I suspect not for long.  Perfect timing, with the move coming up in 12 DAYS...did I just say that??  EEK!!  My mother informed me that I also chose to wait to walk until right before we moved to Texas.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

Speaking of apples, we have three trees here FULL of apples, and I have EVERY intention of picking every last one of those apples before we leave and making a TON of applesauce and apple butter and apple pies!  WAHOO!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sam and Shiloh

I've talked a lot about how Sam loves Mason, his 'pup-pup', but he also really loves his "kit-kit" or cat, Shiloh.  Both boys do, actually. I've caught little Max telling her secrets or snuggling with her or reading her stories.  It's very cute actually.  Most of the time, she runs away before they can get her...but sometimes (who knows why), she sticks around and toughs it out...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summers are for Popsicles

Popsicles and summer always go hand in hand. 

And nobody loves popsicles more than these two!

They are such goofballs!  LOVE them!

Me and my buddy!

And some video...just so you can see the goofballs in action:

Summer is almost over...and while I am looking forward to fall, I know I will miss these moments!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sam and his pup-pup

See?  This is what I mean about how awesome Mason is with the boys.  Sam found a stray piece of food in the front closet and decided he wanted to feed Mason: 

***In this video, Sam is playing with Mason's food bowl.  He is putting food in the food bowl.  He puts his hand in the food bowl while Mason is eating.  If I was even the least bit worried about my dog, I wouldn't let Sam do any of these things.  Feeding/food can make dogs unpredictable.  Unless they are very sure about the pecking order of a house, this could be a dangerous situation.***

Monday, August 15, 2011

Phone Dump: June and July 2011

LOTS of photos this phone dump!  Enjoy!!

I won't be posting a whole lot over the next month...we are busy packing up the house for the big move, and we sold our desk (because it won't fit in the spot I wanted it to at the new house).  So, I'm working from the kitchen counter and we had to unplug most of the accessories.  SO, I think I packed up the camera cords...and the external hard drive....

Basically, I will be posting photos from my phone for the next month or so.  Get over it.  :)

Mason.   What a sweetie, seriously.  This dog is SO GOOD with the kids...and not just our kids, ALL kids.  He is a sweetheart.  I'm so thankful that we rescued him years ago.  Please support your local rescue or Humane Society -- there are so many animals out there that need a home!! 

Sam.  Another sweetie!  :)  This kid has a new face for everything!  He cracks me up with some of the faces he comes up with.  He is a spitfire when he needs to be (i.e. he knows how to stick up for himself) and that will definitely come in handy with an older brother like Max.  :)

Seriously.  Just TRY to resist this face...

I got to go on a private charter fishing trip on Lake Michigan for work.  It was a lot of fun, even though I didn't catch any fish. 

This is my co-worker, Patrick, who resides in Belgium.  I've only met him in person twice.  He works for our bonobo project in DRC -- so he spends a lot of his time there as well.  He DID catch a fish on the trip, lucky guy...

I'm so proud of how well my kid's adapted to having to shuffle in and out of the house on a whim's notice for showings...  I am also proud of how well the animals did.  I am also EXTREMELY THANKFUL to our wonderful and generous neighbors who housed us many an afternoon when we couldn't get back into our house...

This sign is at Gen. Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee and it cracks me up every time I see it.  I had to travel to Martha's Vineyard this past July for work and couldn't resist taking a picture of it...

Ah, the Vineyard.  Beautiful, isn't it??

Some of the other Martha's Vineyard meeting attendees...

My annual lobster dinner on Martha's Vineyard....  YUMMY!

View out of the window of the puddle jumper you take from Boston to Martha's Vineyard. 

Sam's first haircut!   He sat in the chair all by himself and was such a good boy!!

And he got his own sucker afterwards!  Poor guy, check out those mosquito bites on his head!  Mosquitos appear to love him as much as they love me...

Sam's godparents bought him this very appropriate t-shirt.  Yes, Sam is still not walking.  Yes, Sam has used the potty several times already.  If you ask me which one I'd rather have him doing, I will ALWAYS answer -- using the potty.  DUH.  :)

A delicious homecooked dinner.  Steak from our cow in the freezer.  Delicious cucumber and fennel salad from our CSA share.  Life is good!

We had to get breakfast out one Sunday morning because of a showing (I think it was the people who actually bought our house, now that I think about it) and the waitress liked the boys so much she gave them each a cookie.  I think Sam's was bigger than his head!

Little Max enjoyed licking the frosting off and getting a black tongue...

He also enjoyed some ice cream at the Taste of Lake Country festival...

Sammers completely passed out...

The park we found nestled in between two streets of houses just 0.25 miles from our new house!  SCORE!!

Cheers!  Signing the offer on our house!

It feels good to have this sign up after only a little more than a month!

Max and I got to go out for my BFF's birthday and she chose a wonderful new restaurant in downtown Milwaukee called Screaming Tuna.  Their sushi was absolutely delicious.  If you go there, you HAVE to try the 'No Name' roll.  OMG.  It is to DIE for.

After months of gently suggesting that little Max try writing his name (met with resistance), this Sunday morning he decided to give it a try.  And look at what he came up with!  I am so proud of my little man!!  And on Friday, he was typing on his computer and was going through all the names he knows how to spell: "Mom, Dad, Max and Sam" and all of a sudden I hear him call to me, "Mom!  Look!  I typed my friend's name at school!"  So, I go over by him to check it out and he had typed "EFN."  He says "see, Mom?  Ethan?  "Eee, effff, ennn!"  And sure enough, if you sound it out like that it is pretty close!  (And  not a swear word, like some of you might have been thinking, LOL).

Oh yeah, did I mention he starts 3K this year??  My child is actually and officially starting PRE-SCHOOL!!!  Yikes!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fourth of July (a little bit late)

Ok, so I'm a MONTH late sharing these pictures with you.  SORRY.  It's not like we haven't been busy around here...SELLING OUR HOUSE.  LOL
Enjoy the pics...there are a LOT of them!

 Lining up for the cheese.  Hey, we do live in WI...

Granna and Sam having fun!

Mmm.. I love cheese!

So does Murphy!  :)

Look at this deliciousness!

Lil max enjoying pretzel sticks.

The line for drinks is definitely longer than the line for cheese...

View of the lake from the house.

Sam decided he needed to help stock the coolers...

It was a lot of fun.

Look at that smile.

It takes a bit of concentration...

But it's so much fun!

 Granna and Sam go for a dip in the lake.

Sam is like a fish in the water.  He never wants to get out!

Look at the color of that water!  Beaver lake is one of the few natural sand-bottomed lakes in the state of WI.  Absolutely beautiful!!

Sam also really likes to play with balls...

Look at that sweet boy...

He was ready to go home to bed, but he was being such a good sport!

Eddie took this picture of big Max!  An inspiring photographer!

Daddy blowing bubbles with Sam.

Chillaxin.  It was a great day spent with family that we don't get to see very often!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Festival Fever

Ever since we took little Max to the St. Dominic's festival in July, he has been obsessed with 'festivals' (although he often calls them parades by accident).  He was very VERY upset when the festival packed up and moved on...he didn't want anyone else to have a festival...he wanted the festival to stay at his church all year long...

I guess I can't blame him...I mean, he got to eat good festival food and go on some fun rides...who WOULDN'T want a festival all year long!?!?

Max was lucky because we took him to the festival TWO nights in a row.  The second night, we went up with our neighbors (Owen and Evan)...

Max was so excited to show them the rides and he was, of course, first in line to ride the bumblebee ride...

He was just grinning from ear to ear he was so excited!

Sam was a little sad that he was too little to go on the rides this year...he'll have to wait for next year...

Max showed Owen how to climb up into the ride...

And he even buckled them in and pulled the lap bar down!

From the bumblebee ride, they went on to riding the 'Bouncing Buggies'...

I don't think they were having any fun, do you??

Side note -- I had to ride the Bouncing Buggies with Evan because Mike couldn't fit into the ride.  No, I will NOT be sharing any of those pictures with you.  But, let me tell you, those buggies were REALLY bouncing!  LOL