Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Sam took his first 'real' steps -- as in more than 3-4 on Friday when he walked across the room to me!!  I was so happy to be home with the boys to witness this!  I got to be with both boys when they took their 'first' steps.  :)

Sam has been a walking fool now that he figured it out.  He still is faster crawling...but I suspect not for long.  Perfect timing, with the move coming up in 12 DAYS...did I just say that??  EEK!!  My mother informed me that I also chose to wait to walk until right before we moved to Texas.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

Speaking of apples, we have three trees here FULL of apples, and I have EVERY intention of picking every last one of those apples before we leave and making a TON of applesauce and apple butter and apple pies!  WAHOO!

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Anna said...

Do you think the yelling is key to balance? :)
Way to go FrankenSam!