Wednesday, May 15, 2013

McTrois Updates and Half Marathon Progress

Wow, it has been forever and a day since I've updated here!  I have lots of posts to catch up on, but I thought I'd transition easily back into the blogging mode by posting some fun updates about my pregnancy and McTrois.

We can start at the very beginning...because every story has a beginning...

And this one starts with a very positive pregnancy test.  My heart leapt into my throat!  I had been hoping secretly that it might be...but at the same time was fairly confident it wouldn't be.  After all, I had just signed up in December to run a half marathon in June!!  We weren't 'trying' anymore.  Of course that's always how it seems to work...

Max and I happened to be taking that day off of work together.  We had already planned a wonderful x-country ski escape...and I wasn't about to let a little test change that!  In fact, I think it made it even more fun.  So, off we went...and ski we did!    We had perfect snowy weather for it, even!

Afterwards, we treated ourselves to massages.  It was a GOOD DAY!

this photo was taken right before I fell.  Yes, I am a clutz.

Every pregnancy I have taken a series of belly photos.  I think it is fun to go back and look at them and compare between my three pregnancies.  Of course, at the beginning of this pregnancy I was in the middle of my 3 -week cleanse.  So I started off taking my belly photos in my bikini (this did not last long, LOL).  
Weeks 4, 5 and 6
At week 6 we went in for an early Ultrasound.  I was SO SO SO nervous.  I knew that it was possible we might not see the heartbeat, that we might only see the sac...and that would be OK. But I really REALLY wanted to see that little flicker.  And we DID!  It was like instant relief washing over me.  Heartbeat was strong!  I cried tears of joy.  We still didn't share the news, though.  We wanted to make sure before telling our families, the boys, etc.

Ultrasound Week 6 Day 4
At week 10, I had another OB appt.  I was nervous again for this appt, even though I had definitely been feeling pregnant at this point.  Nauseous, tired, know, all the typical first trimester pregnancy symptoms.  From past experience, I knew that at this 10 week appt that they would try to find baby's HB with the fetal doppler.  I also knew that 10 weeks is still early to hear a HB with the I shouldn't freak out if we weren't able to find it.  As luck had it, Sam had to go with me to my OB appt that day due to a sad event at his daycare.  Lucky for me he is very content to sit and not old enough yet to put two and two together.  

As luck had, it my OB found baby's HB within about 15 seconds!  Sweet relief passed over me, and my eyes welled up with tears.  A part of me was sad because I knew that meant no U/S to check (just in case if they don't find HB) but a MUCH BIGGER part of me was so thankful to NOT have to go through the turmoil of waiting for the U/S.  I had been there before.  I have a tipped uterus, which can make it difficult to find baby's HB early on with the doppler.  My OB told me that it was easier to find it this time around because I am thinner.  Hey -- any time your OB calls you thin at a 10 week pregnancy appt, you pretty much think they are awesome....

Sam even got to hear the HB at the OBs office -- although he was pretty confused about where the sound was coming from and why we were talking about a baby (since we hadn't told the boys yet).  We did end up telling them afterwards...and even though we told them to keep it a secret, that ended up being a lot of pressure on them.

Max went into his 4K class the next day and went up to his teacher and apparently said "Teacher...I have something I want to tell you by I can't.  It has to do with my mommy's tummy." LOL  When I picked him up that afternoon he told me that his teacher had 'guessed'.  Well, technically, I guess she did...he wasn't lying...he just pretty much gave her all the info in his clues.  But then he told me "But MOM, I was just so EXCITED I couldn't stop myself!  I am so EXCITED for our new BABY!"  And, really.  Who can get angry at that?  Definitely NOT me.

I bought a home doppler and after that 10 week appt (because now I knew where to look for the HB) I was able to easily find baby's HB at home. The boys LOVE listening  to the HB and ask frequently to listen to 'baby heartbeat'.  They get a kick out of it every time.   I can't wait until they can start FEELING the baby move/kick!

Listening to the baby's heartbeat...

Around Week 13, we got to go back in for the 1st trimester screening -- a standard test (that is optional) but does include an U/S to measure some development in the fetus.  I like having this extra glance at my baby, so I opt to do this test. 

Doesn't McTrois look adorable?  Of course, it is too early at 13 weeks to tell if it is a boy or a girl... Not that it would matter since we are NOT finding out this time (much to Max's dismay).  I have a strong suspicion it is another boy - which is absolutely FINE.  We make cute boys and I am pretty well accustomed to boys at this point.  Of course, I'd LOVE to have a little girl...but the chances of that are just not in our favor. The boys are convinced it is a "little sister" and I have been gently trying to prepare them for the event that it turns out to be a "little brother".  In the end, everyone will love the baby -- no matter what sex.  It is just fun to guess at this point.

And yes, I have heard it from EVERYONE already about why aren't we going to find out, how can we not find out, don't we want to have time to prepare, etc. etc. etc.  

And to that, all I have to say is that, fortunately for me (and unfortunately for those of you who have voiced their opinions), I take a small, sick pleasure in your discomfort and frustration.  :)

Ultrasound Week 13
week 11 and week 14
I had another OB appt at week 14 and everything was looking good.  Test results were all normal.  My next appt will be around week 19 -- where I get to also have my 20 week ultrasound.  Another reason to love my OB -- he again told me at my 14 week appt that  I was 'thin enough' that I could have the 20 week scan a week early.  Awesome!!

Now, remember how I mentioned that about a month before I found out we were expecting again I had signed up for a half-marathon?  Well, my training has continued (with a few hiccups) in full force.  I was running on the treadmill mostly in the beginning, but as soon as the weather cooperated, I was so excited to get my feet back out pounding the pavement!  I squeeze in runs on the weekends, and on weekday nights after the boys were snug in their beds.  And I have made progress...lots of progress!

evening runs are worth it when you get to see sunsets like this

10.5 mile was my longest by end of April...13.1 is looking more do-able now!

I saw this common Loon during my 10.5 mile run.  AWESOME!

Another fun evening shot -- there's a full moon on the rise!  :)

Weeks 16, 17 and 18.  Baby is definitely getting bigger.  In addition to my running, I am also doing a weekly PiYo class.

Last weekend, for Mother's Day, I 'treated' myself to a long run in the morning with my favorite running partner, Laura.  We had planned on shooting for 11 miles, but I had forewarned her that it might end up being a much shorter run.  I have been having a little issue with my right ankle.  But, I iced it the night before, re-tied my shoes for extra ankle support, and did a bunch of ankle exercises the morning of our run, hoping that the combination would help me power through.  And it DID!  We made it 11.3 miles!  We had 3 brief stops -- one to remove my fleece at about 3.5 miles, one at 5 miles so we could eat our "goo", and then one at 8 miles because I had to use the bathroom SO BAD I almost went in my pants (silly baby on my bladder).  Overall, the run felt GREAT.  I definitely felt like I could have finished the less than 2 miles needed to make it a full 13.1.  Let's just keep our fingers crossed that I have a similar running experience in June!  I am not shooting to break any speed records (as you can see below I am a slow runner), and I have no pre-conceptions or goals to run the whole thing, or beat a certain time, etc.  I just want to FINISH.  Even if that means walking part of it.  I'm ok with that.  At this point, I just have to listen to my body and take it one run at a time.  My goal is not to hurt myself or the baby...but to have 'fun'.  Haha.  

11.3 mile route in Delafield/Oconomowoc

Best running partner EVER!  Thanks for keeping me motivated, Laura!

So, there you have it!  I think that brings us all back up to date on this pregnancy and my running/training progress.  Life is good!  I have no complaints!  Thank you God for letting me experience ALL of this!