Monday, November 23, 2009

2 year stats

Lil Max went to the doctor today for his 2 year check up. He 'passed' with flying colors... here are the latest stats:

Height = 34.5 inches (55%) - so if you follow the multiply by 2 trick, that would put him at 5' 9" full grown (same as daddy!)

Weight = 26 lbs 5 oz (30%) -- still a light weight, but still following his growth curve so nothing to worry about!

He impressed the nurses with his knowledge about Nemo characters, and he showed off his 'digging' skills with the doctor (because he insisted on bringing Shovel, GREEN, BIG!" with us "INSIDE, MOM!". (The CAPS are because he says these with a very loud voice -- we are working on loud vs quiet voice...). Overall, the doctor told us that he is healthy, intelligent and she was impressed with how clearly he speaks. We were sent away with a 'see you next year'!

Oh, and fellow moms, one thing that worked REALLY WELL for us this trip to keep things calm and fun in the exam room while we waited for the doctor/nurse, was a sheet of stickers. I let Max stick them all over the paper on top of the table (they throw it out afterwards anyways) -- he made some really pretty artwork while we waited, and it kept him occupied!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Last Week in Videos

Singing Happy Birthday at the Birthday Party:

Eating 'Leaves':

Eating a cupcake on his birthday:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Birthday Eve

On the eve of lil Max's second birthday, I am sitting at the kitchen counter, drinking Sprite out of a paper Finding Nemo cup. I am surrounded by dirty dishes, marshmallow fluff, the scent of cupcakes baking, and a feeling of nostalgia mixed in with a twinge of melancholy.

Tomorrow, my lil BABY boy will turn two.

And, it's not even fair to call him a baby -- it hasn't been fair, quite honestly, for some time now. But, he'll always be a baby to me....

Everyone always said to cherish every precious moment when they're little -- because they go by so quickly. How true. How sad.

At the same time, it is remarkable to think back on all the things that he has learned, that he has tried, that he has achieved. He is growing up to be a wonderfully smart, independent, loving and social little boy. I'd like to take just a little credit for that, as his mother.

And my, how I've grown through the process! I found strength inside I didn't know I had, patience that took my breath away, feelings and emotions that humbled me. My priorities have slowly fallen into place, and my relationship with my husband has grown even stronger (whereas before I would've insisted we were as strong as we'd ever be). I've grown every inch along the way as he has grown -- and all of it for the better.

So, tonight, lil Max, I will think back wistfully to your early days -- the days when you sat in my arms because you couldn't do much more than that, gazing up at me, trusting me. The days when we'd squeal over you doing seemingly small and impossible new things -- rolling over, clapping your hands, smiling, giggling. Things I may have taken for granted before, but was now watching with a renewed sense of appreciation.

Tonight, my lil Man, I *might* just wish you were that tiny little BABY again.

But tomorrow,
Tomorrow I will revel in the BOY that you have become.
Tomorrow I will celebrate all of that you have learned in two short years on this planet.
Tomorrow I will thank God and my blessings that I have shared these last two years with you.
Tomorrow I will pray that I can spend many more years with you watching you grow into a MAN.

Friday, November 13, 2009


I used to pick the two winners of my very first giveaway!

Drumroll please









Winner #1 Grand Prize Zicam pack and Stef's favorites cold season pack = #6

The Cohen's said...
I'm now a blog follower. ;)Oh, I have started taking vitmain D and cod liver oil.
November 10, 2009 2:42 PM

Stef''s cold-season favorites prize pack includes: herbal hot/cold neck wrap, blistex lip moisture, kleenex, a mug and a selection of my favorite teas.

Winner # 2 Zicam coupon and Stef's favorites cold season pack = #10 (everything above except the Zicam)

Dawn said...
I just discovered Throat Coat Tea, from Traditional Medicinals. It is awesome. I have to talk a lot in my job and it helped so much. It tastes like black licorice but if you don't mind that it is great.
November 10, 2009 7:56 PM

I will contact you both to make sure I have your current mailing addresses. Congrats!!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fall Hike 2009

Last weekend, we had unseasonably warm weather for November in WI -- mid to upper 60s! We took full advantage of the entire weekend by playing outside as much as possible. On Sunday, we finally got out for a hike at one of our favorite state parks -- Lapham Peak. We brought along a basket to collect stuff, and lil Max insisted on bringing his "Shovel, GREEN!" along...
Here we're digging in the leaves to look for acorns and their 'hats'.

Then, we had a deep discussion about how acorns are seeds, and how they grow up to be big trees!
Max was very excited about this concept, and had to go give the tree next to us a hug. It was very appropriate because he was also wearing his tree hugger t-shirt! :)

Max, showing off his green shovel...

Little boy in a big forest.
It's hard to believe that the next time we go for a hike like this, we'll be bringing two little ones along, instead of one! Another little one to teach about acorns, trees, leaves, pinecones....I can't wait! :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cold Season **GIVEAWAY**

The cold season is definitely upon us. Here's how I know for SURE:

1) Lil Max has already had a few colds since the weather started turning cooler;
2) Daycare has already been closed for a day because of the high number of absences;
3) People are lining up and down the streets at flu shot clinics to try to get seasonal or H1N1 flu shots -- both seem to be in high demand this year.

Luckily, I've managed to stay mostly healthy so far this year (knock on wood), which is great because there is little that you can take when you are pregnant, other than Tylenol and decongestant nose spray... But, I do have a few tried and true, fight-the-cold away methods that have passed down from my mother to me:

- Chicken noodle soup
- Lots of fluid and lots of rest
- Warm baths
- Neti pot daily (ok, so this one wasn't from my mom)
- Warm compresses or a steam bath for the head

The list could go on and on.

This year, I joined Bzzagent -- a program that offers free products in exchange for your willingness to provide word-of-mouth feedback to your friends and acquaintances. My current 'campaign' couldn't be more appropriate for the season: a Zicam campaign.

Colds can last up to two weeks, but zinc products, like Zicam, can help shorten the length of the cold itself, not just mask its symptoms. Zicam Cold Remedy reduces the duration and severity of the cold when taken as directed within the first 24 to 48 hours of symptom onset.

I've used Zicam before, so I already know that it works. But, what GREAT timing for this campaign!! Bzzagent sent me a package of Zicam Cold Remedy Zavors to try/share, along with some coupons for GREAT savings ($2 off!).

I'm really excited to share this Zicam, along with some of my own favorite home cold remedies, so, drumroll please….for my very first giveaway!!

TWO (2) winners will receive a prize pack:

  • 1) Zicam Zavors - a crunchy outer shell with a soft, chewable center, plus a giftie pack of my own personal favorite cold remedies
  • 2) A Zicam coupon worth $2 off a Zicam purchase, plus a giftie pack of my own personal favorite cold remedies.

So, what do you have to do to win? It's simple!

Comment on this post telling me what your tried and true methods are for fighting winter colds. I'll close the comments on Friday, and pick 2 winners using a random number generator.

For extra entries you may do the following and leave a separate comment for those that you do.

  • Tweet about this giveaway
  • Blog about this giveaway
  • Subscribe to my blog
  • Become a follower of my blog

Good luck!

"I received a product for this review on behalf of the company. All opinions are solely my own. Others who may use this product or service may have different opinions."

Monday, November 9, 2009


Ok, so he really doesn't know what he's saying, but it was pretty darn cute when we caught him repeating "Bonjour" after his toy...

Since this video was taken, he has also taken to repeating the colors in Spanish and French off one of his other baby Einstein toys!

Start 'em early, we say! :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009