Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fall Hike 2009

Last weekend, we had unseasonably warm weather for November in WI -- mid to upper 60s! We took full advantage of the entire weekend by playing outside as much as possible. On Sunday, we finally got out for a hike at one of our favorite state parks -- Lapham Peak. We brought along a basket to collect stuff, and lil Max insisted on bringing his "Shovel, GREEN!" along...
Here we're digging in the leaves to look for acorns and their 'hats'.

Then, we had a deep discussion about how acorns are seeds, and how they grow up to be big trees!
Max was very excited about this concept, and had to go give the tree next to us a hug. It was very appropriate because he was also wearing his tree hugger t-shirt! :)

Max, showing off his green shovel...

Little boy in a big forest.
It's hard to believe that the next time we go for a hike like this, we'll be bringing two little ones along, instead of one! Another little one to teach about acorns, trees, leaves, pinecones....I can't wait! :)


Anna said...

Max, CUTE! :)

Looks like a very fun time.

oceansunfish said...

I love reading from you about what I have to look forward to with Evan. Yay for forest walks and cute phrases like "shovel, GREEN!" grins!