Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cold Season **GIVEAWAY**

The cold season is definitely upon us. Here's how I know for SURE:

1) Lil Max has already had a few colds since the weather started turning cooler;
2) Daycare has already been closed for a day because of the high number of absences;
3) People are lining up and down the streets at flu shot clinics to try to get seasonal or H1N1 flu shots -- both seem to be in high demand this year.

Luckily, I've managed to stay mostly healthy so far this year (knock on wood), which is great because there is little that you can take when you are pregnant, other than Tylenol and decongestant nose spray... But, I do have a few tried and true, fight-the-cold away methods that have passed down from my mother to me:

- Chicken noodle soup
- Lots of fluid and lots of rest
- Warm baths
- Neti pot daily (ok, so this one wasn't from my mom)
- Warm compresses or a steam bath for the head

The list could go on and on.

This year, I joined Bzzagent -- a program that offers free products in exchange for your willingness to provide word-of-mouth feedback to your friends and acquaintances. My current 'campaign' couldn't be more appropriate for the season: a Zicam campaign.

Colds can last up to two weeks, but zinc products, like Zicam, can help shorten the length of the cold itself, not just mask its symptoms. Zicam Cold Remedy reduces the duration and severity of the cold when taken as directed within the first 24 to 48 hours of symptom onset.

I've used Zicam before, so I already know that it works. But, what GREAT timing for this campaign!! Bzzagent sent me a package of Zicam Cold Remedy Zavors to try/share, along with some coupons for GREAT savings ($2 off!).

I'm really excited to share this Zicam, along with some of my own favorite home cold remedies, so, drumroll please….for my very first giveaway!!

TWO (2) winners will receive a prize pack:

  • 1) Zicam Zavors - a crunchy outer shell with a soft, chewable center, plus a giftie pack of my own personal favorite cold remedies
  • 2) A Zicam coupon worth $2 off a Zicam purchase, plus a giftie pack of my own personal favorite cold remedies.

So, what do you have to do to win? It's simple!

Comment on this post telling me what your tried and true methods are for fighting winter colds. I'll close the comments on Friday, and pick 2 winners using a random number generator.

For extra entries you may do the following and leave a separate comment for those that you do.

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Good luck!

"I received a product for this review on behalf of the company. All opinions are solely my own. Others who may use this product or service may have different opinions."


Emily said...

I usually kick back a few cups of Airborne....and of course take my vitamins every day :)

Beth said...

I agree with Airborn... I think that stuff really works. I also take D-3. I think that helps as well, and I've been healthy so far this season (knock on wood)!

Molly said...

Emergen-C. Love that stuff!

Carson Clan said...

2000 mg of chewable Vitamin C (with bioflavinoids), daily use of my Neti Pot, and drinking tea as hot as I can stand it. Works every time!

The Cohen's said...

Lots of water, lots of rest, and soup broth made of chicken, garlic and ginger. Immune boosters. ;) Also, hot water with lemon and honey makes me feel better. Lots of vitamin C and soothes the throat. ;)

The Cohen's said...

I'm now a blog follower. ;)

Oh, I have started taking vitmain D and cod liver oil.

Anna said...

I stay home and watch bad Lifetime movies. Always works.

Anna said...

And now I am following your blog, too. :)

Emily S. said...

Airborne, AMEN!!! And I love Zicam's nose swaps. Gross, but effective.

And I will now add Anna's technique to my list. :)

Dawn said...

I just discovered Throat Coat Tea, from Traditional Medicinals. It is awesome. I have to talk a lot in my job and it helped so much. It tastes like black licorice but if you don't mind that it is great.

Becky said...

When I feel a cold coming on, I take lots of Vitamin C drops and try to get plenty of rest!

Misty said...

(knock on wood) My family has not been sick this cold season. We have taken extra precautions. We make sure to take our clorox wipes and hand sanitizer with us everywhere! I get lots of stares when I pull out my big tub of wipes at restaurants and grocery stores, but I feel I need to do everything possible to cut down on germs! We have also been gargling with Listerene twice a day to help kill germs. I have never used Zicam, but will give it a try the next time one of us gets sick.

Ty and Tucker said...

Tried and true, eh? Lots of rest and fluids. And I agree with Anna... nothing like a cheesy Lifetime movie to take the pain away! :)

- Judie

dria said...

Wash, wash, wash my hands to keep the colds away!! People at work used to think I was nuts for washing my hands so much, but I bet they're singing a different tune this cold season. Once the inevitable cold hits, lots of OJ, Vit C drops, and hot tea.