Friday, August 9, 2013

Catch up - part duex

It has been awhile since I've blogged...and even longer since I've done a catch up blog on what's happening around these parts!  So here you go!  Enjoy!

The boys got their daddy a new hammock for Father's Day and love to hang out and swing with him in it.  (I do too...shhh!)

We went strawberry picking at Basse's.  I was smart this time and dressed the boys in red shirts (not white!) to avoid strawberry stains.  After all, who can resist a berry or two while picking them?  The boys did a great job filling up our baskets....

It was a good thing we wore our boots too!  It was pretty muddy out in the fields...

Sitting in the big chair at Basse's Taste of Country

When we got home I got right to work prepping strawberries for eating, for freezing, and for making jam with...

Of course we saved some to make some strawberry pie with too!!

The boys got busy giving the dog a bath...

And vacuuming out my car!  (I made sure to get my feet in this shot to reiterate that I did NOTHING).  :)

We went swimming with friends on our days off.  Sam has no fear of the water and scoots himself around like its his business....jumping off the the diving board... dunking his head under the water.  He's our little fishy.

Max loves swimming too, he is just more cautious than Sam is.  Sometimes I like that better ;)

My little buddy hanging out with me on the hammock.  Doesn't look so little here anymore, does he?

The boys sing a VBS song they learned at school.  So cute!

I finally started painting the nursery (it is now finished).  New color on the left - BM Blue Grass.  Old color on the left.  

Shiloh is still hanging around these parts.  13 years old and going strong.  She tolerates so much from these boys and overall she's a good cat...

Lots of playing outside with the beautiful weather we've had this year.  Our swimming pool has gotten a lot of use!

We've gone to a few weddings this summer -- this one downtown with my parents.  Don't they look great?

The boys requested "begs and agels" for breakfast so Daddy made it for them.  :)

Sam and I on a morning 'date'

Sam's doing awesome in swimming lessons and is ready to move up to Level 1 as soon as he is 4.

The boys got their hair cut and both requested Mohawks.  LOL

Whatcha doing Sam?  
Sam: "Digging for rubies, Mom"
Yeah...wonder where he learned that!

Sam also loves beer.  LOL

Starting to buy a few cute things here and there for McTrois.  Aren't these TOMs just adorable?

And we're still lucky enough to get to hang out with Grandma Jan and Grandpa Dave from time to time!

Summer has been busy and fun and I can't believe it is almost over already!  School starts at the end of the month!! Yikes!

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