Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The bump is growing! McTrois update through 32 weeks

The third trimester is finally here and I totally feel like I skipped over all that second trimester energy burst that everyone gushes over.  I spent so much time trying to keep my eye-lids propped open and to not fall asleep on the couch at the end of the day that I barely got anything done.  And here I am, 32 weeks and I am realizing just how much more preparation I must do!

So, I figured I'd entertain you with some shots of the growing bump before McTrois makes his/her appearance.  

22 weeks -- just before running my first half-marathon.  Celebrated my 35th birthday. 

24 weeks -- still wearing some of my non-maternity clothes, but the bump is definitely getting bigger!

25 weeks - 4th of July week, mini-staycation with our MN friends Jim and Bridget, holiday at big bad Uncle Bill's.

Still growing!  I haven't been running since the half marathon, but I have done a bit of walking.  Lucky for me this has been such a mild summer that I haven't had over-heating problems.  I also do a weekly PiYo class at Destination Maternity here in town.  AWESOME.

Starting to feel huge and contemplating that I still have ~10 weeks to go.  Yikes!!  See my little photo-bomber in the corner?  These boys are obsessed with my belly -- constantly hugging or kissing it.  Little Max loves to talk to my belly and to tell the baby that he loves it and can't wait to see it.  I get lots of questions about if it is going to hurt when it comes out my belly button (LOL).  It has been SO fun to watch their reactions this pregnancy.  Little Max is definitely MUCH more aware of what is going on this time and Sam is playing a pretty identical role to what little Max did when I was pregnant with Sam.  One nice thing is that Sam completely potty trained himself this summer.  Just one morning, it clicked.  It has been AMAZING.  And now he's excited to give the new baby all his diapers so he can wear his Mickey Mouse underwear!  I am thrilled that I at least get a few diaper-free months :)

Rocking my new maternity shirt and some NON-maternity leggings!  :)  That bump is definitely getting bigger though...and I am starting to feel the effects of pregnancy a lot more.  Constant wicked heartburn, getting winded going up stairs, frequent bathroom trips, baby hiccups on my bladder, TONS of moving around -- rolling, jabbing, punching, polka dancing....

One last U/S (hopefully) with good news that everything is within normal ranges and we are good to go!!  This is a not so good profile shot where you can see the forehead on the left, nose and lips.  I can't believe in 2 months we will get to meet this little guy/girl! (Although I'm betting on guy, LOL).

Here's a fun shot to see me during all 3 pregnancies right around week 30-31.

And this morning -- Week 32!!  (another little photo bomber in the background).  8 more weeks to go?  HOLY COW!  Bring it on!  The nursery is almost done...I'll share some pictures of that next!

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Beth said...

Bahahahahaha!!!! Your undie-wearing photobomber just made my night! You seriously saved the best for last - you are even more beautiful this pregnancy than ever. I hope you are enjoying these last weeks and days. It really is magical!