Thursday, September 24, 2009



McDuex, 10 weeks.

Set to debut on April 22, 2010. We couldn't be more excited!!

Lil Max is still not sure what to think about it all.
He gets confused when Mom talks about the 'baby in her belly'...
But we're looking forward to him being the BIG McBro!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekends are for Jammin'

or saucing...

or buttering...

choose your evil...

This weekend, the apples on our trees were ripe enough to begin harvesting. We started picking and without making a noticeable dent in the trees (SIGH) have made:

3 apple cakes
(check out Smitten Kitchen for this awesome recipe:

3 quarts applesauce
We will defintely be making more of this!!


8 pints apple butter
I will probably be making more of this because 1) it is delicious and 2)it seems that I have some people willing to take some off my hands!! (if you are interested, just leave me a comment and I'll find a way to mail it to you).

And, just because I am sure that most of you don't really care about what we do with our are a few pictures of Max and Auntie Amanda playing around....he is such a character!!!





Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009

Zoo Fun

We decided to take advantage of the wonderful weather over the long weekend, and took a trip to the zoo Sunday morning. We like going to the zoo in the morning for several reasons: 1) it is usually not hot yet; 2) it is usually not busy yet (the line when we left was backed up the road, yet we drove right in!!); 3) Max is less tired (aka crabby) and naps like a CHAMP when we get home; and 4) the animals are MUCH more active in the morning -- we got to get up close and personal with cheetahs, tigers, giraffes, and lots of birds!!

It was also the last weekend of the Birds Down Under special exhibit -- so we made sure to visit the birds again...Max really LOVES it!!

Max ran from display to display and assumed the position of nose pressed to glass at each station. He'd turn to me with this look of glee on his face that was just precious. I'd ask him if he'd like to go see what was next and he would answer "YEAH!" and run to the next window...


This was BY FAR one of the coolest hands-on special exhibits we've seen! Max was in AWE of all the birds flying overhead, and just ticked pink that he got to feed them!!



The train whistle got THIS reaction out of him EACH time!!
Here's a video of Max and the tiger. We first saw the tiger inside, and Max didn't realize where the big cat was in the display. All of a sudden, the cat rounded the corner and walked RIGHT IN FRONT OF the window. Max jumped back about five feet -- I think he was surprised at how BIG the cat was. Then, he kept proceeding to entertain everyone in the big cat building by yelling "Tiger....hi Tiger....bye Tiger.... TIGER!!!"

And here is a video of us enjoying the train:

We increased our vocabulary by leaps and bounds at the zoo - learning new words like: ostrich, alligator, and zebra. Max was especially interested in the fish, the big cats, the birds, and of course, the train... We have such a great zoo in Milwaukee -- we need to remember to take advantage of it more often!

Oh yeah...I did sign lil Max up for his very first zoo class -- once he turns two, he'll be old enough -- so I signed him up for...wait for it.....a TURTLE class! :) I'm looking forward to it already!! :)