Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekends are for Jammin'

or saucing...

or buttering...

choose your evil...

This weekend, the apples on our trees were ripe enough to begin harvesting. We started picking and without making a noticeable dent in the trees (SIGH) have made:

3 apple cakes
(check out Smitten Kitchen for this awesome recipe:

3 quarts applesauce
We will defintely be making more of this!!


8 pints apple butter
I will probably be making more of this because 1) it is delicious and 2)it seems that I have some people willing to take some off my hands!! (if you are interested, just leave me a comment and I'll find a way to mail it to you).

And, just because I am sure that most of you don't really care about what we do with our are a few pictures of Max and Auntie Amanda playing around....he is such a character!!!






Tiffany said...

How hard is the apple butter? I have a peck of apples we picked today, or was it a half peck? Heck if I know. . . Adorable pictures of lil' Max! He has an infectious smile.

monnie halberg said...

Wow! All those apples are from your trees?! You've got quite the orchard in your yard!
I love Smitten Kitchen...
I like Max in sunglasses too!

mel said...

The third sunglasses picture - oh, so fabulous dahling! I bet it smells so great in your house. Apples, cinnamon, apples some more... Fall has arrived!