Monday, August 8, 2011

Fourth of July (a little bit late)

Ok, so I'm a MONTH late sharing these pictures with you.  SORRY.  It's not like we haven't been busy around here...SELLING OUR HOUSE.  LOL
Enjoy the pics...there are a LOT of them!

 Lining up for the cheese.  Hey, we do live in WI...

Granna and Sam having fun!

Mmm.. I love cheese!

So does Murphy!  :)

Look at this deliciousness!

Lil max enjoying pretzel sticks.

The line for drinks is definitely longer than the line for cheese...

View of the lake from the house.

Sam decided he needed to help stock the coolers...

It was a lot of fun.

Look at that smile.

It takes a bit of concentration...

But it's so much fun!

 Granna and Sam go for a dip in the lake.

Sam is like a fish in the water.  He never wants to get out!

Look at the color of that water!  Beaver lake is one of the few natural sand-bottomed lakes in the state of WI.  Absolutely beautiful!!

Sam also really likes to play with balls...

Look at that sweet boy...

He was ready to go home to bed, but he was being such a good sport!

Eddie took this picture of big Max!  An inspiring photographer!

Daddy blowing bubbles with Sam.

Chillaxin.  It was a great day spent with family that we don't get to see very often!!!

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Emily said...

I must visit that lake before I is beautiful!