Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sam and his pup-pup

See?  This is what I mean about how awesome Mason is with the boys.  Sam found a stray piece of food in the front closet and decided he wanted to feed Mason: 

***In this video, Sam is playing with Mason's food bowl.  He is putting food in the food bowl.  He puts his hand in the food bowl while Mason is eating.  If I was even the least bit worried about my dog, I wouldn't let Sam do any of these things.  Feeding/food can make dogs unpredictable.  Unless they are very sure about the pecking order of a house, this could be a dangerous situation.***


Anna said...

I love how Sam is like "Here Puppy! I make food" and Mason seems like a parent at a tea party eating imaginary food to be polite.

Laura Palid said...

This is one of my favorite videos!