Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fourth of July Fun

We celebrated the Fourth of July this year and Ugly Uncle Bill's house on Beaver lake.  It was a LOT of fun, and we were so happy to be able to spend time with SO MANY of our family members.  Grumps is the oldest boy in a family of 9, and the 8 surviving siblings were all able to make it for the celebration.  Talk about a fun time!!

Lil Max is READY to GO!

Grumps and his youngest sister, Dottie.

Ladies working in the kitchen.  Everyone was concentrating really hard; you could hear a pin drop!

Grumps is always a favorite with the kiddos.

All the excitement wore Sam out.  Ok, not really.  The kid falls asleep everywhere... :)

Cutie cousin Eddie..

Lil Max in the bouncy house

All 8 of the Friedrichs' (from L to R): Boogie (Ines), Patty, Ellen, L.G. (aka Grumps), Chuck, Maryanne (Min), Bill and Dottie.


Lil Max LOVES blowing bubbles

Such a beautiful place to relax.

Cousins and second cousins.  Too many to name (but I CAN..and that counts for something!)

Our sweet family!

Grumps and lil Max contemplating life...or marshmallows

Yeah.  Definitely marshmallows...


Sa-wing! Batter!

The weekend was also special because we surprised my parents (Granna and Grumps) with a celebration for their 40th wedding anniversary (which was June 13th).

At first they were wondering what was up with a hot air balloon on their anniversary cake...

And then they realized that Max and I got them two tickets for their own hot air ballon ride as a present.  I think they liked it...we'll see after they go on their adventure. Granna asked if she was allowed to wear a parachute...  :)

Lil max was just hamming it up so he could have some cake.  He REALLY likes cake...

...and he also REALLY likes balloons....

It was a wonderful weekend, and we are so happy we got to share it with so many wonderful family members!!


mel said...

That cake and gift are so creative and fun! I love that you are surrounded by family. Lucky girl!

Emily S. said...

Dang it, now I just want some cake. Harumph.