Monday, December 6, 2010


I've been busy cranking out the CDs, and will be mailing them out to those of you that commented on my Holiday Music post with your favorites -- thank you!  I will be sure to add your suggestions to my next holiday mix (that I will probably make next week...LOL).

ALL of you are in for a treat, because I realized that my playlist was too long to fit all on one CD, so I added a few more tracks and you will each be receiving a double CD set!  :)  If I don't have your address (and if you think I don't, I probably don't...) please email me at stefanie dot mclaughlin at gmail.

ALSO...the lucky winner (chosen by Random Number Generator) is:


Congrats, Monnie -- I'll be tucking in a few of my OTHER holiday favorites for you to enjoy as you listen to your new holiday double CD set.  :)

Also -- MISTY -- you will be also be getting a special treat from me for correctly ID'ing lil Max's food art -- it was in fact, a "face"...his mediums were a slice of bologna (and yes, I sing the song also) and a string cheese....

Thanks for playing along, everyone!!   Ho Ho Ho!!


mel said...

Yea! My Pandora Holiday music is getting old. I can't wait to hear your selections!

Misty said...

I am so excited I can't stand it!!! Thank you so much Stef, you have totally made my week!

monnie halberg said...

WAHOO! Thanks! Can't wait to get my treats!