Sunday, December 19, 2010

8 months

Can you believe Sam is 8 MONTHS old already?  Yeah, neither can I!!  It is amazing how fast time has just flown by, and this little tiny newborn has grown and filled out into this personality filled little boy.


Sam is rarely without a smile on his face -- he is very laid back and go-with-the-flow, which works quite well with a three year old around.  :)

He has been sitting like a champ for a while now, and is starting to lunge forward almost into a hands-knee position.  Lil Max didn't crawl until he was closer to 10 months old, so this will be interesting if he starts to crawl soon -- I'll have to get more vigilant about actually child-proofing the house.  The task is just much more daunting with a three year old's toys everywhere -- and its not easy to explain why he has to keep certain toys in his room....

The solids bandwagon was met with little resistance, and Sam has plunged full force into self-feeding.  In fact, he much prefers feeding himself (I think we just don't feed him FAST enough for his liking...).  He shovels handfuls of cheerios, puffs, banana chunks, etc. into his mouth like crazy.  He's also mastered the sippy cup (one handed) and enjoys taking a nice swig of water or breast milk after stuffing his cheekers full of treats.  The kid is a hoot to watch eat.

He's also getting quite vocal -- saying mama and dada and lots of other combinations of syllables.  He enjoys talking to himself quite a bit, and I swear he is sometimes holding a conversation with himself.  He especially likes it when we play games with his mouth and lips -- making him make silly noises.  He has taken now to doing this himself -- by shoving his entire fist in and out of his mouth.  It never fails to make us laugh.

He also enjoys banging on things to make lots of fun new noises.  This is usually accompanied by some pretty rhythmic head "shaking".  I'd like to think he's saying "no", but I know better.  He does it at some pretty funny times though...and it makes him laugh while he's doing it...what can I say, he's a self entertainer!

He's  been an angel when it comes to sleeping (although I always curse myself when I type these things out).  He goes down easily around 6:30-7pm and has been sleeping through until around 5:30-6 am -- if we have to go to work, this is perfect timing, and I can usually get him to go back down for another 1/2 hour or so before I wake him to get dressed.  On a weekend day, he goes back down and usually buys us until 7-7:30.  He seems to be following suit to his older brother on liking 12 hours of night time sleep.  His naps have also started getting much more predictable -- he takes 2 a day for me at home -- usually around 10 and 2.  (Daycare is another story).  He usually goes down easily (kicks himself into sleepy land) and sleeps for 1.5-2 hours each nap.  I have no complaints in the sleep category.  It must be that soft velour crib sheet he has...I wish they made those in King size.... :)

This child seriously amazes me everyday with his go with the flow attitude.  Lil Max was pretty much an angel at this age also, but NOTHING like this.  I always say that I don't know what I did to deserve this little angel, but if I did I'd be rich! 

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Laura said...

What a sweet little boy! Sam you are getting so big!