Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend Photos

Here are a few shots from another fun weekend! We were blessed with highs close to the 40s both days...which in WI isn't bad for February! We took advantage of it by getting outside to get fresh air as much as we could!

Mason was pretty tired after all the long walks we took!

Max got good use of his stroller and his push car! His face just LIT UP when we brought this out...he hasn't really ridden in it since his birthday, and he was SO excited to try it out. He was having a blast honking the horn and pretending to drive!

Then, we went over to Auntie Amanda's to celebrate her birthday. We discovered that lil Max really likes black olives. He INSISTED that we put them on his fingers, before he would pop them into his mouth. I know he doesn't get the liking from me...I was astounded at how many he wanted to eat!

Popping as many as he could into his mouth at one time!


Anna said...

Yuck on the black olives (personally) but so cute that he likes them on his fingers.

*jess* said...

i LOVE that he wants to olives on his fingers first...TOOOO CUTE. and that car--i think ALL kids should have one!!! aren't they fun? :)

monnie halberg said...

Nice car, Max!

emily said...

Noah just started putting his stacking toy topper on his thumb... which made me think of olives, and how he might be finally at the age where he'd do this very thing! You have confirmed the possiblility for me, and now we must try it!

And I am jealous of his wagon/walking toy! :)