Sunday, February 1, 2009


I am bittersweet about this post, and about switching our blog over to blogger.

I started our MSN spaces blog back in June 2005, right after we got married as an easy way to reach all of our friends and family all at once to say thank you or to just keep in touch. The first few months (ok, really, maybe YEARS), I didn't really 'get' the whole blogging thing...I blogged maybe 6 times each year between 2005-2007. It wasn't really until last year, 2008, that I really jumped on board with blogging. Before that, we used the website mainly as a way to share photos. But now, with the lil man getting bigger, and pictures not being able to explain everything, the blog took on a world of its own. Plus, let's be REALLY honest here...two ladies in particular, Emily and Melanie, really got me into the blog world with their own awesome blogs...they opened up a whole new time-suckage device to me...but I am HAPPY for it (Big Max may not be, however...).

Which brings me to the reason for this new blog. MSN Spaces has been great, for the most part, but over the past few months has made some layout and uploading changes that have just become way too cumbersome for me to follow. I want my blog experience to be as streamlined as possible...after all, time is at a minimum nowadays. And, most everyone else I know is using blogger...and I figure that a lot of people can't be wrong -- they're using blogger for a REASON. And, to be truthful, it is a bit easier to use than MSN Spaces, and it sure has a lot more bells and whistles and gives me a lot more freedom to design and move things around. I like that.

So, I don't have any earthshattering news for you at this moment. Just wanted to write a welcome to all of you that have found your way over from our MSN Spaces to this new website. I hope you'll stick with us over here. I'll be keeping the MSN Spaces open for awhile -- I want to find a way to get all of my entries from there to put into Max's baby book....but I won't be posting any NEW content over, if you use Google Reader, add this subscription!!

And, thanks for joining us over here! As always, we encourage you to leave comments, feedback or just tell us what's on your mind! We are blessed with LOTS of long-distance friends and family, and we'd love to hear from you!

I'll leave you with a few photos from today. We were experiencing a 'heat wave' (relatively speaking, of course) with temps in the upper 30s. So, Mason, Max and I took the opportunity to go for a walk. We got to use the stroller blanket that Melanie (see above) lovingly made for him for his birthday...and I am happy to report that it kept him toasty warm for the duration of our walk!

Max chillin in his stroller

And THIS is what happens when we took off his hat!!!The walk was pretty tiring, so Max headed straight up the stairs to take a nap...

Hope everyone had a good weekend!! Hope to see you around on Blogger!


emily said...

oh, MAN, that hair is a riot!

1. welcome to blogger-- it looks GREAT!! The header is darling and the sidebar is nice and informative and easy.

2. thanks for the shout-out, my friend!

3. SO glad you got out for a walk today, as a family!!

Loved the post!

dria said...

Welcome to Blogger! Thanks for the update!

Amelia said...

Yay! At least it will be easier for me to leave a comment :) Subscription has been switched. And yay for the "heat wave." Down-right balmy. I like the "mccomments" haha

Melanie said...

#1-- It's not that I disliked MSN. . . especially once you got the feed. . . but I have to admit, I'm happy you're here. :) & I ditto what Emily said, it looks great.

#2-- I'm SO glad Max got to use his blanket! I wasn't expecting that before May! Hooray for heat waves!

#3-- that hair is AH-MAZING!

*jess* said...

YAY for another blogger convert!!! the page looks great...and i am lovin' his hair!!!!

Amanda said...

Glad you've switched! Though...I do miss the cats on your header...