Saturday, April 4, 2009

Denmark Day 7

Last day in Denmark. I am happy to go home.

We got a late start to the day. I was so happy to sleep in and finally relax. We started by going over to the Hard Rock Cafe at 11:30 for some lunch. I was happy to find out they were serving American style brunch. It had eggs, sausage, hash browns, toast, and the best bacon I have ever tasted! It must have been apple wood smoked and seasoned just right. My recollections can not do it justice it was just that good.

We then walked to the harbour to see the Little Mermaid statue that is on a rock on the shore. Turns out that Hans Christian Anderson the famous writer of most fairy tales is Danish. There are statues all over the city from his fairy tales. The little mermaid is just another one of his tales that Disney purloined to make a buck. The statue was not that impressive to me, but the walk through the city was. All the old architecture was magnificent. There is just nothing in the US that can compare to the age and amount of details that go into these buildings.
We walked through the King's garden and through the Citadel. The Citadel is an old military fortress that is still being used today but is open to tourists also. It was built hundreds of years ago by the king to be his fortress from attackers. It is surrounded by two moats and a series of steep manmade hills that force the attackers to be exposed to archers on the hill tops. The moats and hills that surround the fortress are in the shape of a giant star. Bryan tried to look into one of the buildings and was almost arrested. He did not read the sign that says it is still an active military base so don't look in the windows. We walked the high hills over to some other statues and took pictures. We walked back to the "Walking street" to shop and find food.

Today we ate a Kinesisk restaurant (Chinese). Yes even here you can find that wonderful flavour of cheaply made deep-fried glory called sweet and sour chicken. We ate the buffet to get some variety. We did not stay long and started on our way back to the hotel since it was getting close to 5 pm. Most shops in Copenhagen shut at 5 pm so we thought we better get the last minute shopping done. We passed a shop selling some interesting garments and teased Aaron that we were going to buy them for his wedding present (Aaron is getting married on May 29). The one item in particular was a speedo that had suspender like straps that went over your shoulders. Needless to say Aaron was embarrassed just by the thought of it. Lucky for him the place was closed or he would have had a wonderful wedding present to share during the opening the next day.

We finished trinket shopping and made our way back to the hotel to relax before starting the nerve-racking journey home. We had a great time here, but I can't wait to be back in my own house.

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Emily S. said...

i am DEEEEPLY disappointed that Max did not come home with those suspendered speedos. DEEPLY disappointed.

I mean, can we say FAMILY PHOTOS?