Friday, June 5, 2009

Sneak Peak #2

Emily gave me another quick sneak peak of our photoshoot. She's almost done with it, and I can't wait to see the rest -- everything I've seen so far has been stellar!

This first one I LOVE -- Amanda and Max. These two have such a special, heart-warming bond. I couldn't have picked a better godmother for my son. Every time he sees her, his face breaks into this warm genuine smile. Sometimes when he's being naughty, I ask him if he wants to see his Auntie Amanda -- to get him to stop from being naughty. He'll run to the front door and look outside for her. It is adorable.

Anyways, unfortunately the weekend Emily came to visit, Max was sick, and wasn't in the mood for picture taking or smiling. It should come as no surprise that there is a hint of a smile in this picture. If anyone can get this kid to smile, its her. I love her!

This next one is just goofy. And I love it for its goofiness. Emily prepared for the weekend by making a bunch of mustaches on a stick. She left them on her dashboard during the drive from St. Louis to Milwaukee, though, and they kinda got melted together. Melanie performed mustache on a stick surgery, and was able to unstick the props. We used them for a few photos. I didn't even realize that Em had taken any pictures of Max with the mustache. This picture just CRACKS ME UP. It catches just his attitude precisely. One of the MANY reasons I love him!!

Thanks again Em! You are marvelous!!!


Amanda said...

Thank you for the honor of being Auntie Amanda, aka Godmother. He is such a sweetheart and puts a smile on MY face whenever I see him.

Um, that picture of Big Max is HILARIOUS and so true to his personality! Fun, fun.

Have a great time in Gay Ol Paree

*jess* said...

i love all the pics from this session! what a gorgeous family you have. :)