Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This weekend, Max got his first TATTOO!

Not REAL tattoos -- airbrushed ones, but still! He was so proud of them, and loved to show them off to people before they faded away.

He got the tattoo at Max's company picnic -- an event designed specifically with the employee's family in mind -- a wonderful catered BBQ lunch, a tent with airbrush tattoos, another tent with cotton candy, sno-cones and popcorn, and then a big inflatable slide! Max was too little to play on the slide (and the other Max was a bit too big)...

We had spent the morning tooling around at the Brookfield Farmer's market. I love seeing all the fresh goodness they have to offer. Most days, I just amble around and purchase whatever strikes my fancy. This time, I had a plan -- to buy cucumbers -- PICKLING cucumbers! My garden has produced a bounty of cucumbers, but not enough for a full batch of pickles, so I supplemented with some local cucumbers and dill. I hope they turn out!

Afterwards, we headed towards the picnic. Max and I were busy talking in the front seat, when all of a sudden we both commented on how quiet it had gotten in the back -- normally, Max shouts out the things he sees as we drive "big truck, GREEN (which leads you to look around to see if you can discover the green...or red...or yellow object he has discovered, etc. etc.) We turned around to see this:


I can't even begin to tell you the last time lil Max fell asleep in the car when it was in the mid-morning! He slept for about 45 mins before we finally woke him up so we could partake in the picnic festivities. Luckily...he didn't mind.

Instead, he had a blast unpacking (and repacking) the bocce ball set. He was a bit obsessed with organizing the balls by color. If you look close enough, you might be able to make out the tattoos on his arms!



I know you're worried that you can't make out those tattoos....you think you might be able to ID it, but you're not SURE. Rest assured, we took pictures of them at home...for posterity.


Do you see that? A TURTLE!!! Mom couldn't have been PROUDER. This was the first tattoo he got, and he picked it out ALL.BY.HIMSELF....no prodding or cajoling from mom. I seriously got a rush of adrenaline and pride...


Daddy got one after Max did (a martini glass), so lil Max had to have another one. He picked this one out too (that was after I did a bit of convincing that the unicorn wasn't a good idea...LOL).


Amanda said...

So cute! I love how proud of he was of his tattoos!

Oh, he did fall asleep after our strawberry picking!!! :)

Emily S. said...

I love them! How long did they last? (and what is his dinner? it looks good!!)

Anna said...

He is a genius! Look at him organize by color!

mel said...

Those are gorgeous tatoos! and such a brilliantly cute kid.

Megan said...

How fun! My boys are partial to tattoos also - but they're rarely that cute.