Sunday, December 13, 2009

First Snowstorm of 2009-2010

Wednesday was a SNOW DAY for our house!

A winter storm passed through that dumped about 10-12 inches of HEAVY WET SNOW over night. We were actually pretty lucky -- some areas further inland of Lake Michigan got closer to 18+ inches!!!

Here are a few shots of our wonderful winterland. And yes, we DID go play in the snow. Lil Max had a blast using his SHOVEL, GREEN, BIG to "dig dig dig". :)

Lil Max and daddy made snow men -- but the head fell off of Daddy's!!

This was our poor birch trees, AFTER shaking off most of the snow. The limbs were literally touching the ground before hand. We were very lucky that all we lost were a few limbs from our pine trees -- there was a lot of tree damage during this storm because of the wet, heavy snow and many of our neighbors lost WHOLE trees!!!

Here you can see some of the limbs that fell out of the big pine trees surrounding our house.

All in all, it was pretty snow -- but the drop in temperatures the next day was not so pretty. It basically turned all the snow into a big block of ice! I'm sure as winter progresses we will get sick of the snow, but for now, BRING IT ON! Here's for hoping for a WHITE CHRISTMAS!

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Emily S. said...

That's incredible!!

I'm glad it was mostly pretty, non-destructive for you, and afforded you a snow day. Hurrah!!