Thursday, December 3, 2009

MR. McDuex

Today, we had our 20 week ultrasound!

Now, keep in mind that we didn't find out the sex of lil Max until he was born, so the compromise was that we WOULD find out with our second one...Needless to say, the anticipation for this ultrasound to happen was GREAT! It's amazing to me how content I was not finding out the sex of my firstborn for 40 weeks, and then the insane OBSESSION I had with finding it out for this one!

We tried recording a portion of the ultrasound for a keepsake/to share, but unfortunately that isn't allowed in our OB's office, so this written account will have to suffice...

Overall, the little one was mostly cooperative, revealing HIS gender within the first 30 seconds of the ultrasound. As the tech was doing a normal view of the spine, HE decided to kick up his leg and WHAMMO -- there it was. No mistaking it! It was confirmed again with a traditional between the legs shot...but I won't be sharing that on here...those are PRIVATE parts, people!

But, he did have a pretty memorable other LARGE body part....his BIG TOE! We laughed, because big Max has a fat big toe too -- so it seems this little one is going to take after daddy, just like little Max. I am going to be run out of the house by testosterone!

Big Toe!

Of course, we think he's pretty cute already, but with ~20 more weeks to cook, he's only going to get cuter! :)

He's a thumb/finger sucker already -- just like lil Max was at this age! I'm hoping they have a lot more in common too!

So now we're going to have a little bit of a difficult time deciding/agreeing on a name for a boy -- we already had a girl's name picked out (that'll just have to wait for #3, I guess...). Stay tuned, that announcement will be made in another 20 weeks! :)


monnie halberg said...

It will be so fun to see Max with a little bro!
I'm excited to find out his name! We can't think of any names for this kid. It seems much harder this time around!

mel said...

Congratulations on a(nother) super cute baby boy!! Bring on the bunk beds!

Amanda said...

I cannot wait to meet this little guy! It's going to be incredible to see your family grow. It's so exciting!!

oceansunfish said...

Woo hoo!! 2 boys will be so much fun! congratulations!!