Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I haven't done a real 'update' type of post for awhile, so here are a few randoms of McLife...in words AND in pictures (ones I found that somehow never made it on here...)

Trainfest -- back in November. Max had such a fun time watching the trains and trying to figure them out...


As you can see, he thought that there had to be something UNDER the table making them work...


We discovered that big Max can work with wood...we salvaged this table top from an old coffee table and Max made and stained the base to match:


Max and his buddy and our neighbor, Owen, watching Wall-E in that creative way that only boys could come up with...


Max giving a cheesy and cookie-filled grin after eating one of Granna's infamous Turkey cookies:


Max made out pretty well from Santa this year. The jury is still out for whether or not he was really that 'nice' and NOT so 'naughty'...


My xmax crafty for the year. I found the tutorial HERE, after a friend tried it out first with AWESOME results:


My very first completely homemade POT PIE. I used the recipe for PW's new cookbook, and it was really REALLY delicious!!!


And finally, here's a belly shot at 25.5 weeks (since some of you have asked). McDuex is moving around like crazy, my belly has finally 'popped' more, and the Braxton Hicks contractions have started. My OB says everything looks great, and we are doing well. He also said that if he had to predict a longer vs shorter labor, we are likely in for a short labor (is that even possible??), so I guess we'd better pack a birthing kit in the car -- just in case! :) (If you don't know lil Max's birth story, check it out HERE or HERE.

(excuse my tired look, we took this picture before coffee this morning...hot off the presses!)


monnie halberg said...

I think your belly pic looks great! I feel like I'm looking very low after seeing your bump...I hope you're in for a short labor! I think we are too?
I'm crazy for comfort food and am going to have to try that pot pie recipe!

Emily S. said...

Yahoo! Love the update, and adore Max' exploration of the underside of the train table. Also, totally giggled at the TV watching pose!!

*jess* said...

love love love - this post, your belly and how the boys are watching the movie, lol. and seriously...lil max is going to be an engineer or something, lol. adorable!