Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So yes, they really ARE crazy....

Last night on the phone, my dad tells me he's going to send me some "interesting pictures" and he couldn't wait to hear my reaction to them.

Now, those of you that KNOW my parents, know that "interesting" could mean a variety of things...never say never.

So, I innocently informed my father that our internet service at home had been acting shady, and that I likely wouldn't be able to access the pictures until I was at work the next day.  I pointedly asked if that would be a problem (hey...I don't want to get FIRED!).  He assured me that it wouldn't be a problem.

When I saw that the email subject was "Crazy Us" my mind jumped to all the possibilities...did they go sky diving, bungee jumping, or any other "crazy" thing I could think of.  They've already been shark diving, so I was pretty sure that wasn't going to be it this time...

I know you are all dying of curiousity, this is what the pictures were of:

Apparently, they came across this 'little guy' on one of their bike rides.  Not an uncommon sight in Florida.  But who in their right mind gets that close to a gator?  The parents.

I told my dad that yes, they were in fact, CRAZY.  I also informed him that if my son was ever allowed that close to a LIVE alligator that I would be revoking their duties as grandparents... :)


Gina said...

That would freakin' scare the crap out of me! Those things can whip around and eat you whole! They are brave!

mel said...

OMG! Did you call and yell at them?