Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I picked these for you....

They smell really good!

Won't you be my Valentine?

Seriously, how could you resist a face like that?!?!

Lil Max and I cranked out 35 of these Valentine's Day cards and treats for his friends at school:

the front side

the backside. was a LOT of work.  Especially considering that looking through his bag of cards, it appears ours were the only hand-made ones...  But, Max had fun doing his 'art', and Mom had fun experimenting with the lollipops (lil Max couldn't help with those for safety reasons).  All in all it was labor intensive, but FUN!


Megan said...

Wonderful job on the Valentines! And your little valentine just couldn't have been cuter.

Anonymous said...

Stef, these came out super cute! I love that you put the stick thru to the top to make it more stable. I'm already looking forward to making another batch of these in 2011! :)

- Judie

dria said...

I love how Lil Max couldn't help out with the candy, for safety reasons, but then you handed them out to a bunch of little kids. :O)

monnie halberg said...

Love the t-shirt!