Wednesday, July 7, 2010

June Phone catchup

Max and I got new phones when our two year contract was up in June.  Since we felt strong-armed into upgrading to a data plan (from our shared 500 min/mo plan...), we figured we'd get phones that made using a data plan fun.  Since we get our service through Sprint, we opted for the Samsung Moment.  So far, we both think it is a great phone -- and Sprint has great service (fast and available) in our area.  So, no complaining from us!

The phones also have a really nice camera and video camera built in -- so we've found ourselves taking photos more and more with our phones when the digital camera isn't around.  Here's a dump of all the photos we've taken (and not shared yet) since June!

July's photos to come in another post....

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Laura said...

Love the pic of Max in the carrier!