Thursday, August 12, 2010

Visit from the McLaughlins

Two weekends ago we were treated to a visit from Fran, Denyce and Lilly -- who were in town to show their dog Finny at a dog show. 

It always seems like our time together is rushed -- but I guess that's how it is when you have kids and pets in the mix.
We were lucky enough to see them for dinner for two nights in a row, so we could spend some time with their darling daughter, our niece and Max and Sam's cousin -- Lilly.

It shouldn't be hard to remember how old Lilly is -- since she was born the week after Max in November (just two years removed)...which unfortunately means these cousins will either continually miss each other's birthday parties, or forced to SHARE a birthday party at some point in time...GASP.
Lilly's a pretty well mannered little 8-month old lady.  It was fun to reminisce about how Max was at that age, and to prepare myself again for what I have to look forward to with Sam.  Max was pretty smitten by her as well....

And, of course, he had to show off his mad puzzle skillz to his relatives....


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mel said...

Lilly is adorable!