Saturday, October 2, 2010

5 months (a little late)

A little late with this post, but I figured better late than never!

Sam turned 5 months on Sept 17th (I told you I was late).  BUT, these pictures WERE actually taken back then...I just haven't shared them yet.

Yes, he is wearing leggings.  You got a problem with that? (At least it's not a dress, right?).

But just look at that smile!  You might think that I had to jump up and down and make silly noises to make him smile so sweetly.  But, the truth is -- this is just how Mr. Sam generally is.  A happy, smiley, easy to please little guy.  Have I said thank you God, lately?  THANK YOU.

Sam loves to smile, and he will just stare and stare at you until you make eye contact with which point he squeals loudly and tries to give you open mouth kisses.  It's super cute.  He's also getting longer!  Look at how long he looks in this photo!

And with a sweet face like am I ever going to say 'no'?

Sam has also hit a lot of milestones this month:
1.  Rolling from back to belly -- previously, he would just twist his body so far that he was almost there, but then he'd get lazy and flip over...  We have a video of this, but I am too lazy right now to download and edit it... sorry!
2.   Sitting -- we are very close to independent sitting -- right now he can sit unassisted for 10-15 seconds before toppling over or tri-poding.

3.  solid foods.  We tried solids with Max around 5 months, but he was just not interested.  Sam, on the other hand, has been obsessed with watching us eat -- down to imitating the way we chew our food.  We decided we'd give the old rice cereal a try, and if it didn't work we would revist it in a few more weeks.  To our surprise he POUNDED DOWN 3 TBS of food in his first feeding!  Since then he has tried apples and bananas. 

4.  As far as the other six month 'milestones' (according to the book), Sam is right on track in terms of vocalization, bearing weight on legs and standing (assisted), interested and particular about the toys he likes, and just overall (in my eyes) PERFECT.


gd said...

Oh my GOSH!! That video is PRECIOUS!!! What a happy baby!

mel said...

Of course he's perfect! I'm so glad he's a happy baby for you. I can't wait to see him again and squish those happy cheeks!

Laura said...

I love the video! What a sweet lil' man.

Beth said...

I love that you put him in leggings - I give everyone BabyLegs as shower gifts. Love them!

oceansunfish said...

awesome video Stef...what a guy! he's the cutest lil thing ever!!

Laura Palid said... cute! Miss you guys. So glad you have the blog!