Friday, January 28, 2011

2011 Trip to FL - Monday - the Imaginarium

Monday:    Max let me sleep in until 8:40, as I had woken up in the middle of the night with a migraine that made me throw up.  It was very much appreciated.  Since it was a somewhat over-cast day, we decided to pack up and head to the Imaginarium, and we all had a LOT of fun.  Highlights included touching and feeding the stingrays, the 3D movie and the bird that squawked and made Sam cry.  Both boys took good naps when we got home, and it rained pretty heavily during the afternoon so we just lounged around snuggling and reading.

 Petting the stingray.  I was so proud of Max.  I thought for sure he would be *scared* or just not want to do it, but he stuck his hand right in there!  When we asked him what the stingrays felt like, he answered "SLIPPERY!"  (except it came out slipperLY...which I think is so cute, but he learned how to say it the right way before I could get it on film).

 No fear, I love this child of mine!

 The Imaginarium was part museum, part children's museum, part zoo and part science museum.  All really SMALL parts, mind you...and could use some updating.  But little Max really enjoyed it.  Plus, we are spoiled because I work for the Zoo in Milwaukee and we spend so much time there -- it really is a world class zoo.

 After looking at all the whale and dinosaur bones, they had a little area for the kids to do their own excavating.  I showed Max how to do it, and he gave it a brush or two and then lost interest, because.....

 There was a SAND box!  Remember how I told you about his OBSESSION with sand...oh yes, that is putting it lightly!  :)

 There was even a little area for Sam to have some fun.  Gotta love padded play areas and padded toys!

 After walking around the museum for awhile, they announced that it was Stingray FEEDING time.  Of course, Granna bought Max a ticket....  They feed them little bits of squid and they tell you to put it in your hand and then slide it down along the wall...

 And then the stingray comes RIGHT UP and eats it OUT OF YOUR HAND!  This big guy really liked to eat the food and he even got some air rushing up the sides of the wall.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Max's face in this shot.

Isn't this bird cute?  We thought so too (and he really was).  He was very into 'talking' to the visitors and showing off his pretty colors.  He was also, unfortunately for Sam, quite LOUD.  He gave a few loud squawks...which scared the beJEESUS out of Sam and he started to cry...

Yes, I am laughing at my kid crying.  It was too cute.  You'd think, with a louder older brother that he'd be accustomed to LOUD noises.  I think it just startled him.  The whole 'crying fit' lasted approximately 30 seconds....LOL.  Oh, and if you like my jewelry in this photo, you have to check out this Etsy shop -- it is from a girl I went to grade school with!

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mel said...

Baby crying pictures are the best. You don't want them to cry, but usually the thing they are crying over is such a little thing, in perspective. Sweet pouty lip, Sam.