Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Crafties 2010

We had lots of fun Christmas craftie projects this year.  I had many more planned than I actually accomplished, but I was pretty happy with what I actually got done.  I don't have pictures for everything, but you should get a good idea...

1.  Treats:
Of course, the ones little Max really enjoyed helping out with were baking/treat related.  In addition to doing our annual cookie bake/swap , we made a few treats at home.  One of those was friend Melanie's infamous chocolate popcorn.  The recipe is so easy, you won't believe it.  The only thing is, you need a pretty large bowl...otherwise break it up into several batches.  

Melted Chocolate Popcorn
3 bags microwave popcorn
1 bag Wilton Chocolate melts (or other brand...just don't use plain chocolate chips)
Directions:  pop popcorn, put in LARGE bowl.  Melt chocolates, pour over popcorn, stir/toss until coated.  Spread out on surface (I spread waxed paper on my kitchen table) and stir occassionally untiil chocolate has set.  EAT and ENJOY!

Little Max mostly added his cleaning expertise to the process...

I told him he looked like a green monster...that made him happy!  :)

2.  Ornaments: 
Twig Star:
 SO easy.  But so pretty on the tree!

Picture star: I don't have a picture of this one yet, because I actually haven't MADE them yet!  Oops!  I try to make these every year for family and close friends...and of course, one for US!

3.  Board Books:  Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of this either, but this year I made board books for Lilly and the McGrandparents.  Lilly's book is a picture book of the people she loves.  The McGrandparents got a book about Grandparents are special because...  They are fun books to read with the kids.  Little Max was always a fan of picture books (and  books in general) and loved pointing out people in pictures.  I made a few for him in his younger years, and they were always some of his favorites...

4.  Annual X-Max card scrapbook page.  I LOVE getting xmax cards every year.  I LOVE creating and coming up with a special one to send out.  So, every year, when the Christmas season is over, I go through this inner turmoil when it comes time to clean up after the holiday.  How could I throw out something so wonderful, that someone spent so much time creating and picking out the 'perfect' picture for?  Last year, I found a solution...a xmax card scrapbook page.  I pick one picture from each photo card sent to me, and create a collage out of it.  It was fun looking at last years while I made the one for this year.  I look forward to doing this project for years to come! 

What special crafties did YOU do this year??  I may need inspiration for next year...although with all the projects I wanted to do and never did...maybe that isn't such a good idea.... :)


mel said...

Thank you for making a post about this. It is nice to have the crafts all in one place. Your twig star will be making an appearance on the next xmax craft list!

Anna said...

Agreed! The twig star is adorable. We will be adding that one to the list, too.
And I am also behind on my Christmas photo stars. I think this might become a V-Day craft for me.

Hyde said...

Love the pictures!! New follower

The Handy Hagen's said...

I love the idea of how to save the Christmas photos from each year and create a scrapbook page. I too have been torn with what to do with all the great pictures and cards we get from family and friends and it feels wasteful to just toss them after the holidays are over. Thank you for the great idea!!