Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Eve

This year, we drove to MN to spend Christmas with Max's side of the family.  What was normally a 5-6 hour drive took us almost 8 hours because of weather, traffic and accidents.  Other than the time on the road, the trip was actually pretty pleasant.  Sam slept most of the way...and when he was awake, he entertained himself quietly....making us laugh quite a bit.  Little Max was so excited to see the McGrandparents, he actually didn't nap...which is extremely rare for him...and even rarer that he didn't fall asleep in the car -- he almost ALWAYS falls asleep in the car.  Despite the lack of sleep, he was still in a jovial mood for the rest of the evening until bedtime.

We celebrated Christmas Eve with the McGrandparents and Max's brother Fran, wife Denyce and daughter Lilly.  We ate a monstrously HUGE lasagna that Denyce made (I don't think I've EVER seen a lasagna this large in my life...delicious though) opened a slew of presents and then collapsed for the night.  :)

The McGrandparents and Lilly.  Hard to get a non-fuzzy picture of a moving child...

Apparently, it is also hard to get pictures of adults HOLDING moving and wiggling children...

Meh.  Between the two pictures I think we've got everyone looking at the camera...

LOVE these boys.  LOVE them.  I am so glad God chose to put THEM in my life.

SO much to LOVE.

I mean, just look at that FACE!!

We got only one picture of the family....I wish Fran would've taken more.  Apparently "please take our picture" was taken quite in ONE picture and not multiple.  Oh well.

Lilly turned one in November -- the week after little Max's birthday -- look how BIG she's getting!!  And quite the little personality too!

The McGrandparents gave lil Max a turtle shell and some shed deer antlers.  He wasn't quite sure what to make of them at first, so I showed him what they were for...

And then I promptly took them away from him after a near eye-poking out incident.  Probably not the best gift for a three year old to PLAY with...but for looking at instead.

Tearing into the gifts...lots to tear into!

This picture makes my heart swell!

The McGrandparents also gave Max this awesome M&D dinosaur puzzle.  He immediately wanted to put it together. This kid amazes me with his puzzle making skills -- he can put together a puzzle he's never done before all by himself!

Doesn't she have the most beautiful eyes?

Aww...even more beautiful with that beautiful smile!


Anna said...

Sam's adorableness gets me every time. Man, he is cute. And such a serious face in that picture with you. Looks like a great time!

mel said...

Stef, there are so many great pictures! Your kids are so cute.

Beth said...

What gorgeous kids the McLaughlin clan makes! Your niece is adorable and those EYES. In one of the pictures I can totally see a resemblance between her and little Max. And in case anyone hasn't mentioned it, you are a SAINT for driving 8 hours with kids. The mere thought of it makes me want to poke my eyes out with antlers! I know someday I'll have to do it, now that we've moved away...but I won't do it willingly (or without tranquilizers!)

oceansunfish said...

Stef - I seriously don't think you love your kids enough. I mean you never dote on them or anything...really. (hee hee)

Laura said...

It looks like Sam is giving you the hand and saying "No more pictures!" I love your little people. They are so adorable!