Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Como Zoo and Conservatory (lots of pictures)

The day after Christmas, we took the boys to the Como Zoo and Conservatory to meet up with my good friend from college, and her mama -- who had never met the boys.  I really REALLY wanted to make it happen, and I was SO GLAD that I did.  I think that EVERY time we make the mammoth drive we should make the time to do something fun and educational like this -- our last trip we stopped at the Science Museum...and we had a blast there as well!

It was also the perfect opportunity to play aroud with our new camera and test out the super zoom it boasts (35x optical) as well as its super macro capabilities.  Big Max played around with the camera while I tended to the kids for the most part...which was fine.  He got some REALLY awesome shots.  I should warn you ahead of time that this post has A LOT of photos.  I don't usually do that, but we took WAY too many this time around.  I don't blame you if you don't have time to look at them all there are a LOT.

Testing out the macro on this beautiful orchid.

Testing out the super zoom while we look into the koi pond.


Little Max LOVED the fish.


Jess and Sam

Ok, this shot above should give you a really good idea on how great the zoom is on this camera -- keep in mind there are no interchangeable lenses -- and the camera is lighter than a you get macro and this zoom all in ONE beast!

Halfway Zoomed out...

See how far away Max was standing from us?  Unbelievable.  (and pretty awesome for taking stealthy pictures of a three year old who tries to not get his picture taken...LOL).

I love Sam's baby baldness.  I love that his hair is growing in on the top of his head more quickly like a Mo-hawk.  Max's did the same thing.  I love it.

The whole gang.

I'm not being naughty....

Sam decided he wanted some Beco action...

They had a cute little kid's play area that little Max had fun in.

And then we crossed over from the Conservatory area to the Zoo area.  This turtle was pretty neat...except his neck kind of freaks me out.  It looks kind of strange... :)

Look at that sweet boy!

He's my little snuggly munchkin.

This sloth was pretty cool.  I mean, he didn't move or anything, but they didn't even have him in an enclosure because sloths so rarely come to the ground.  Look at his little nose peaking out...

The zoom function is also pretty handy for getting some nice bird shots!

We got home and the boys passed out.  Max on our bed and Sam on me.  It was a long adventurous morning for them, but they both had a fun time.  It was great seeing Jess and her mom, and it was great exploring the Zoo and Conservatory.  I hadn't been there since college -- and even though I didn't see a whole lot of the Zoo, it looked vastly different (i.e. BETTER) than it did earlier.  Good job, Como Zoo!

And the camera, well, it is a winner!  We weren't entirely sure at first, so these were our exploratory missions with it, and it passed the test.  There are a few things we wish were different on it, but there are things we are willing to forgo for all the nice things this one does have.  Plus, it seems like there is no one camera out there right now that has EVERYTHING you want...but this one is pretty darn nice...I'm just saying....


mel said...

Please email me and tell me the exact name and model of this camera. I know we briefly discussed it - but my mom has since broken her camera and is shopping for a new one. Thanks! That MACRO is TDF. And the zoom? Holy cow. The COLORS are unbelievable.

Jen Fluharty said...

Love Como Zoo!! It is a favorite place for Meet-ups! That sloth was actually off display for a while, since they were breeding her. So they might have baby sloths soon! :D

Emily said...

amazing pictures!