Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh Me Oh MY!!

Is it possible that I NEVER blogged about our splendiforous photo shoot with Shannon Wucherer Photography back in October?  I think it IS.  Shame on me. Shame Shame SHAME on me!!

Shannon did such a wonderful job (again) on our family photos.  I have to give her high marks for her perseverance and for making magic happen.  I thought for sure all the photos would have scowls and stink eyes and pouty lips in them...but NO...they are all so wonderful!

Many of you saw some of my favorites on our Christmas Card this year...

Others may have seen the sneak peek that Shannon posted on Facebook....

But here are a few others that have never been introduced to the great wide world of the Internet...or your eyes.  So, ENJOY!

I have this photo framed on my desk at work.  I love looking at it, because it so perfectly captures the relationship between these two.  Little Max just LOVES to love on his little brother.

I love Max's cheeser smile in this picture.  The photo right before this one has a big scowl on it.  Oh, the joys of  three year old!  :)

Shannon did a number of bridge shots with little Max, little Max and Daddy and little Max and some random girl that decided to cross the bridge while we were doing our photo shoot.  LOL.  Little Max was flirting with her, and the pictures are pretty cute.  I made a collage of the bridge shots for our photo wall.  They just scream BOY to me, love them all!

I love how big Max just jumps in and becomes Daddy without embarrassment or even batting an eye.  He is such a great Daddy.

I admit, when I first saw this photo I immediately skipped over it.  No one wants to see their child crying.  But, when I looked at it again, I didn't see Sam's tears because he was tired and cold...this time, I focused my gaze on little Max.  How he is so sweetly trying to comfort Sam.  It brings tears to my eyes.  These boys are SO SPECIAL, and they are SO GOOD to each other.

Our little Abercrombie and Fitch model  :)

I adore this shot because it perfectly captures the relationship between Auntie Amanda and little Max.  These two share such a special bond -- it is truly remarkable and it makes me so happy to witness it.

Once back inside where it was warm, Sam relaxed a bit.  I love how intense his eyes are!

Ah, look at my sweet boy...barely six months old and sitting like a champ.  I love how his outfit matches his room.  I love how squishy he looks....

Oh Sam, you are SUCH a sweetie...

Thank you again, Shannon...for taking such wonderful pictures of our family. We can't wait for Sam's one year photo shoot!!


Laura said...

They are great pictures! They capture your family perfectly.

mel said...

I've seen them before but I never tire of looking at them. They are FAB. Are you doing a one year session? Can't believe it is getting so close already!

Amanda said...

Beautiful pics of a beautiful family! I'm so lucky I got to be there for the "behind-the-scenes". Love you guys.