Friday, February 11, 2011

Sam 9 months (a little late)

Can you believe it?  Sam is 9 MONTHS OLD.  Well, actually, he is closer to ten at the time I am writing this, but these pictures are from when he was closer to nine.  I can't believe how FAST the months have gone by.  I remember them going by quickly while little Max was growing up, but now, with two children to keep track of and a busy life and job, it seems like it is going EVEN FASTER...if that is even possible.

Sam is so similar to little Max in so many ways, and yet so different in so many others.  I know I shouldn't compare the two kids...and I really don't most of the time...but when I do, I love seeing what one kid does versus the other.  I used to wonder how I would find love in my heart for another child...worried that I wouldn't be able to love that child as much as my first know, all the hormonal worries that go through your head while you are pregnant.  You second guess every decision you make, worry that you are scarring your kids for life, etc.  Well, I'll tell you what -- no matter WHAT decision we make, I suppose we are *scarring* them in one way or the other.  Just ask them again when they're adults...

But, back to Max and Sam.  I wouldn't call them polar opposites by any means, but I would say that I do LOVE the things that make them different.  Where Max was all about pulling and pinching and tugging, Sam is gentle and soft (not all of the time, of course).  Where Max loved his colors and order, Sam loves music and dancing and making lots of noise with toys.  Where Max was reluctant trying new foods and getting the hang of solids, Sam has gone full force into eating table scraps before the ripe old age of 9 months.  Where Max was all about being independent and went anti-snuggle at this age, Sam seems to savor the snuggling.  It is THESE differences that make me love them BOTH SO MUCH, and so DIFFERENTLY and yet so EQUALLY.

And, of course, there is always a little bit of me (OK, a BIG bit of me) that LOVES that Sam looks much more like his momma at this point in his life (because Max looked so much like his dadda).

This child is full of personality and love for life.  He is inquisitive and loves to WATCH and STUDY how things happen, work, evolve.  He is the 'observer' of the family.  He is also quite a comedian...and often does things to get reactions out of other people...but most especially little Max, whom he adores with all his heart.

Every day that goes by, a little bit more of his personality comes out.  And every bit that is revealed to us is so precious and special.    He really is a great kid.  So mellow and yet so full of life. 

I love going through all the early stages of life with him again -- where literally everything and ANYTHING amazes him and FLOORS him. 

Just like little Max, Sam is PERFECT.  I mean, really!  He is special and wonderful and perfect.

So at 9 1/2 months, here is where Sam is at:

Weight = 19 lbs 9 oz (35%)
Height = 28 1/2 inches (60%)
Head Circ = 46 cm (75%)

Let me just say that I am SO surprised that Sam was not over 20 lbs already.  Especially given the way the kid eats!!  It also really surprised me to look back and see that he is only 3 oz heavier than little Max was at this age (although his stats were taken closer to 10 months than 9).  He is also 0.5 inches shorter than little Max..  Again, just interesting to compare.

Eating:  loves every food he's ever tried.  Hasn't really turned anything away yet.  Eating mostly table foods and purees only occasionally.  Drinking mostly from a sippy cup -- at home always, at daycare he sometimes still gets a bottle.  Loves using utensils and can self feed with a spoon or fork if the food is put on the utensil first. 

Talking:  babbling like crazy.  Says mama and dada and baba.  Tries to sound out and imitate words when we say them to him.  Loves to squeal to get attention.

Signing:  we haven't been nearly as avid about teaching Sam signs as we were with Max, and yet he has learned them earlier!  Signs 'milk' and 'more'.  Loves clapping his hands.  We're working on waving goodbye.

Moving:  nothing really to report here, but definitely nothing to be concerned about.  He scoots around in circles on his belly and can move himself backwards.  We're still working on forward movement and getting him to stay up on his hands and knees, which gets him pretty frustrated and pissed off, which just makes me laugh....  He can stand holding onto an object, but not alone -- no cruising yet, but that is not unusual given that he's not crawling yet. 

Loves/Hates:  LOVES it when little Max cries -- like he will stop whatever he is doing and start smiling and laughing at little Max while he cries.  LOVES playing with Max and trying to steal open mouthed kisses from Max or Mom or Dad.  HATES loud noises or yelling.  LOVES banging on toys that make noise -- drums, pianos, etc.  LOVES spoons -- seriously.  He likes to carry one around with him.  LOVES bath time and splashing.  HATES not having food fed to him fast enough for his liking...i.e. you better have that next spoonful ready!  LOVES animals -- but most especially his kitty cat and his pup-pup who almost always elicit squeals and smiles and shouts of joy when they move into his eyesight.  LOVES music - dances any time anything resembling music is turned on.  LOVES books and turning pages.

Sleeping:  Goes down around 6:30 - 7 and wakes up around 6:00 - 7.  Occasionally we have a wake up around 5-5:30, but quickly popping back in his Nuk usually does the trick.  Most mornings if he gets up at 6, I nurse him and lay him back down and he will fall back asleep allowing us to get ready for work in the meantime.  But, even if that trick doesn't work, he is usually happy to just chill in his crib playing peek-a-boo with his blanket, talking to the elephants on his wall, or playing with his aquarium.  The child is very mellow and doesn't get worked up very easily.  Thank goodness!

Games:  Loves playing peek-a-boo.  Loves singing songs, dancing to music, giving and getting kisses, very ticklish -- but especially on his upper thighs, neck crease, armpits and belly.  This week he and I played ball on the kitchen floor and he was actually pretty accurate rolling the ball back to me!

Teeth:  None yet, but you can see that he's starting to work on the bottom ones.  They aren't ready to emerge yet -- probably another month or so yet.  Max didn't get his first tooth until a few days before his first birthday, so this doesn't surprise me.


mel said...

Great info on little Sammers! I don't know how you keep up with it all! He sounds just Perfect!

Anna said...

Man, he is cute. And his legs look so long and lean. Wonder if he'll take off running soon or follow in big brother's foot (knee) steps?