Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Resolutions/Goals Update

Time for my monthly post to keep me accountable on my 2011 Resolutions/Goals.  It was a very busy month...not only socially, but also mentally and physically.  There has been a LOT going on in my mind this month...

There has also been a lot of snuggling going on...


1. Lose 10 lbs - last month I was -1 pound.  This month, I am +2 pounds.  So, that makes me +1 cumulative for the year. 

I should be disappointed, or at the very least pissed off.  But, I have come to terms with it.  My weight was ALL OVER the place this month.  I know that because I was compulsively jumping on the scale almost every day (if not more).  THAT needs to stop because, quite frankly, it isn't healthy. 

So, you ask -- how did you come to terms with this?  What was different between last month and this month?  My eating habits didn't change -- if anything I became more aware of what I was putting in my mouth (thank you SparkPeople) and I have made a conscious effort to cut out sweets from my diet. 

So why did I gain weight and not lose it?  Well, the answer is somewhat confusing -- it is because I started working out.  You see, before I had Sam I was pretty regularly running...and even before winter started I had picked back up my Couch to 5K program.  Then winter came and I dropped EVERYTHING.  I lost a ton of muscle mass.  I was down to a weight even lower than pre-Sam (almost pre-Max but not quite).  So, the weight I lost wasn't actually losing fat, per se, I was losing muscle.

Bring on the regular workout schedule -- I started using the EA Sports Active 2 program on our PS3.  I got the whole setup for FREE by having a houseparty.  I signed up for the 9 week program and am currently mid-way through week 5.  I thought it was going to be a wussy workout, but it is actually quite good!  I like how it mixes up the exercises for you and tracks your heart rate, calories burned and minutes exercised. 

According to EA sports, over the last month I have worked out 18 times in the last 28 days!  That is an average of 4.5 workouts a week!  And, that doesn't count the workouts that I did outside the EA Sports venue -- I took 3 yoga classes last month and took a few walks with the boys when it was nice outside.  According to EA Sports, the 18 workouts accumulated 3094 calories burned!  That breaks down to 773.5 calories a week, 172 calories a workout, or 110 calories a day.  Not bad.

I also decided to start taking measurements -- waist, hips, thighs, arms.  I had a notebook I was keeping track of such things in that has measurements dating back to 2006 (pre-max).  I am happy to report that my measurements are almost the same as they were in 2006!  Now to improve!!  :)
2. Run a 5K - all this hard work working out is going to pay off when I sign up for my first 5K.  I am hoping to find one in April/May (not too cold, not too hot) and maybe even a friend to keep me motivated!!

3. Move  - we are still waiting on some information regarding this one (come ON, people!).  Regardless, we will probably be listing the house this year -- or maybe next year.  I am waiting to see how some houses around us that were on the market did first.  We are also pretty specific on WHERE we want to purchase, so we are keeping our eyes peeled for new houses on the market.  If something were to pop up, it would definitely make us move faster...but since there is nothing out there right now, there is no rush.  In the meantime, we are continuing to make improvements to the house.

4. Re-learn how to sew - I have definitely slacked on this one this month.  I need to go 'borrow' my mom's sewing machine (aka take it hostage).

5. Re-learn how to knit  -  another resolution that has fallen off the radar so far....will pick this one up later.

6. Re-do the blog  - I am still in the information collection stage of this one...

7. Teach little Max to read  - This one I am not too concerned about.  If it doesn't happen, I can't be upset...it is not something I want to push.  I should rephrase this one to be more like 'work with little Max on his pre-school skills' or something.  We've been working on letter sounds and just this week he has been telling me things like "Tub...T starts with Tub" (yes, it should be Tub starts with T little dyslexic boy)...but he's been right on with all of his backwards observations!

8. Make one homemade/handmade crafty a month - February was a very crafty month.  In addition to our Valentine's Day crafts, I also made some progress on Sam's birthday crafties, some ribbon Christmas trees, a photo wall, etc.  I don't have all my stuff together tonight, so I will have to post a "February Crafties" post later...

9. Blog at least once a week  - Success!

10. Purge the house one room at a time  - this month there wasn't a room, per se, that was purged -- more like an overall house purging. I have made it a goal to add a pile of stuff to the goodwill pile in the basement, and it has gotten large enough that I will need to fill up my trunk with the goods this weekend.  I can't say I was too good about not buying more stuff this month...there were too many good deals to be had.  Next month I'll be better...I promise!  :)

11. BREATHE  - such an AWESOME reminder for me for this year.  It helps SO much.  It also helps to remind myself to pick my battles carefully...as Mr. Underwear Head reminded me...if it won't hurt anyone, it is NOT worth fighting over.

How are YOU doing on your 2011 goals/resolutions?

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mel said...

I'm impressed that with all your busyness you can focus long enough to write out your feelings and intentions. I feel like I just coast on the surface lately. I gotta dig deeper one of these days.