Saturday, March 19, 2011

Phone Dump (Feb-March)

Here are some pictures from my phone from February and the first half of March. Enjoy!

Major snowstorm in February left us with nearly 2 feet of snow overnight.  Can you find the hidden furnance vent?  Nope -- me either.  It took some trouble shooting to figure out why the heat wouldn't turn on...

 See it now? Had to shovel it out!

  We don't normally make a habit of celebrating Valentine's Day.  We both feel it is too much of a 'Hallmark' holiday.  I think we'd both rather say that EVERY day should be like Valentine's day...
.  But, we made a little special effort that night and had this delectable selection of sushi after the kids went to bed.

 With some martinis, of course!

 One of Max's favorite 'stay busy' activities -- sorting beans.  Which also morphs into scooping beans, spilling beans and eventually cleaning up beans from EVERYWHERE.

 Earlier in February, Max took a spill while in the gym and knocked his front teeth.  They thought one of the teeth had mobility, so we went to the Dentist to get an x-ray of his teeth to make sure there wasn't any damage.  Everything looked good, and lil Max was so excited to see a 'picture' of his teeth.  I was so proud of him climbing up into the chair like a brave little boy!

 Show me your teeth!

 Eating some celery, little Max turns to me and says "Look at me, Mom!  I'm a warthog!" (We've been reading Jungle Drums at night, and the main character is a little warthog)

 Sam wanted to try some celery too...

 Mom shops too much at  But, the boxes are awefully fun to play with (and in).

 Happy Sam.  Even more happy when eating.  :)

 Making Grumpy Morning faces...

How could I resist a "McCutie" onesie?  We had "McBaby", "McDuex" and now our "McCutie".  (Nevermind we had to get the onesie all the way from Utah because everyone around us sold out too quickly....)

And there you have it!  My phone dump from Feb-March! 

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