Monday, June 20, 2011

2011 - Anniversary Getaway - Day 2 - hiking

I just realized I forgot to publish this post about day 2 of our anniversary getaway.  Day 2 was spent exploring and hiking (and then enjoying a very delicious dinner).  Did I  mention dinner?  Did I  mention that we were alone, just the two of us, without any kids?  Did I mention how wonderful it was to eat without a million questions about what we were eating, if we were going to have dessert or an ongoing commentary about the food and how someone didn't like it and would rather have a blue sucker or a peanut butter sandwich?

I did?

Oh yeah, that's because we WERE alone, WITHOUT kids.  And let me tell you, eating a dinner at a SLOW and LEISURELY pace is pretty darn wonderful.  And, I will NEVER take it for granted AGAIN!

So, we started off the morning at the Indian Mounds Park.  This park is not much to write about.  The path that winds around the Indian Mounds is very short.  If the mounds were not identified by signs, you would probably walk right by them and not take notice.

But the nature walk on the other side of the park was absolutely delightful!  And NO ONE else was there -- so it was completely peaceful, quiet and tranquil.  The path winded around the forest and down to a small creek.  You could hear the water trickling over the rocks and through some branches.  You could hear birds calling in the trees and rustling through the leaves.  Off in the distance you could hear a very persistent woodpecker.  It was very VERY nice (and quiet).

See what I mean?  BEAUTIFUL.

All in all, the park trip took less than an hour, so we consulted the map and decided that we were so close to Kohler-Andrae State Park that we would head there, buy our state park pass for the year (so we can go on hikes near home) and find a hiking path there.  We opted for the "cord-walk" -- aptly named because the boards which made the path were kept together using cord...because they winded over the sand dunes, and right up to the shore of Lake Michigan.

It was still pretty foggy, especially right up on the beach.  But still very beautiful...and despite some of the other visitors, mostly peaceful (and quiet).

I couldn't resist...I am a dork!

The cordwalk was a nice 3-mile roundtrip hike that winded through the sand dunes.  It was pretty nice, and we had a great time getting active and just spending time together -- after all, that is what the anniversary weekend is all about -- re-connecting!  It was wonderful and I am already thinking about next year's trip!  :)

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mel said...

Beautiful, and that trail that leads to the lake? Seriously peaceful and content. Would love to happen across something like that sometime soon.