Monday, June 27, 2011

Sam's 1 Year - CAKE SMASH!

I can't BELIEVE I forgot to post these pictures of the Sam man's 1 year photo shoot cake smash!  How adorable is he??  Shannon (of Shannon Wucherer Photography...go USE her) did the photos, and she did a fantastic job again!  She totally ROCKS!!

Oh, that beautiful HOMEMADE cake with BUTTERCREAM frosting was annihilated at Sam's hands (and feet).  LOL.  So glad I could make something HOMEMADE and delicious for my little one's first real taste of sweets!  Just proves he definitely takes after mommy with the sweet tooth!  :)


The Cohen's said...

Stef, he is SOOOOOO CUTE!!! Loved the pictures. :) His little personality shines through. :)

Laura said...

He is so cute I just want to give him lots of kisses!

mel said...

Those turned out FANTASTIC! His eyes, his little feet... everything covered in buttercream! Thank you for sharing those. Made my day.