Saturday, July 30, 2011

House Before and After Pics: the Bedrooms

It appears that I don't have a whole lot of before pictures of the bedrooms.  Probably because they are just bedrooms, nothing too special...

I guess the biggest problem with the bedrooms BEFORE was that all of the woodwork was this nasty dark brown color.  And, the previous owner had decided to paint some of the walls with flat white ceiling paint...and in a moment of wisdom, randomly rolled over parts of the woodwork with the same flat white ceiling paint.  They didn't paint all of the woodwork...I wouldn't even say most of it.  So, there were these random stripes of white paint across the dark was beautiful.  NOT.

Here's the Master Bedroom.  Unfortunately, I only have a picture of this corner of the room...not sure why this corner was so exciting to take a picture of it, but you get what I have, so deal with it.  :)

You can see some evidence of the white paint on brown woodwork above.  Weirdly enough, it looks like the trim around the mirrored closet is already white (probably ceiling paint white though)...  The hardwood floors were actually in really good condition, so we didn't even need to really touch those (other than doing a real good deep cleaning...)

For the last 8 years, I've had the bedroom painted a sage green color.  The realtor recommended we re-paint it a more neutral color, so we just used the same color we had in our living room -- Navajo White -- a nice beige white.  I think it looks nice with our bedding and curtains, and it did freshen the room up a bit...see for yourself:

The only other bedroom I had pictures of is what is currently Sam's room.  This room had a special yellow painted heat register (see below) and a wonderful old school ceiling fan.  You can also barely see out the window the state of rot the original deck was in.  When we replaced that, big Max went out and kicked at the railing and it fell right apart.  SCARY.  Glad we never used it!!

You can also see here how even the doors were painted that nasty dark brown color.  We re-painted the doors and trim a nice glossy white color that really freshened everything up.  It's true when they say a coat of paint can make ALL the difference!

Here's the finished deck too:

And, last but not least, lil Max's room.  Sorry, no before picture to compare, but a nice after picture (BTW, the color in this room was called "Tantalizing Teal"...I bought it at the same time as the "Naughty Neutral"....hahaha).

I'm a little bit sad that I only have one more Before/After post left: the backyard!  It has been so wonderful to go back and have all these memories re-surface and to relive all the work we put into this house.  I really hope the next owners love and take care of this house as much as we did (I am sure that they will).  It is a wonderful house.  Sure, like any house, it has some things we'd like to fix...I don't think any house is PERFECT (maybe unless you build it yourself, but even then...).  I've really enjoyed the last 9.3 years I've spent in this house -- years by myself, with roommates, and then finally with my husband and then my sons.  The years of my life I spent here were blessed, special and hold so many memories.  It will be really hard to package all that up when we leave...but I just have to remember that the next house will hold lots of memories as well!

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mel said...

You've done wonders with the house over the years. The light colors really do brighten the space up!