Friday, July 22, 2011

House Pictures Before and After: The Living Room

You can't really tell from the picture above, but the carpet in the house looked tan when I first bought the house.  It wasn't until I cleaned it that I realized it was actually an ivory/white color.  You should've seen just how disgusting the water in the steam cleaner was.  SO GROSS.

There were also these really awesome curtains.  But hey, they did their job and I didn't have money  immediately to be buying window treatments...

My mother graciously gifted me some wonderful cellular blinds.  Which was no small (or cheap) feat...there are 4 LARGE windows in our living/dining room.  Did I say thank you enough, Mom?  THANK YOU.

More than anything, the 'remodel' to this room was finally getting adult furniture (and not the college/inherited mismatch collection that I had and that Max brought with him when he moved to WI).  I have always loved the large windows in this house.  They let in so much wonderful natural light...

That's the downstairs for you...we'll be moving along to the upstair (and outside) soon.  Thanks for tagging along on this ride down memory lane.  It sure is remarkable how much work we put into this house...and seeing it all with before and after photos really drives that point home for me too!


Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

Wow - tell me you kept those curtains for the next house! HAHAHA

I love the armoire/hutch/tv stand!

Looks good!

mel said...

I, too, love those big open windows. Will you come help me pick out curtains for my new house?