Monday, July 25, 2011

House Pictures Before and After: the Main Bathroom

I don't have a lot of pictures of the main bathroom before.  This is probably the only one that shows it in its original glory:

It's funny because I know lots of people who have intentionally painted their cabinets dark like this.  I hated it from the minute I saw it -- so I ended up painting it white.  I also wasn't a huge fan of the yellow tile and robin's egg blue sink (and bath tub and toliet).  Well, the toliet was replaced with a brand new clean white one.  And, the sink and tub...well unless we were going to do a complete overhaul of the bathroom, they had to stay.

Some other issues:  the grout on the floor -- see how it looks black in spots??  It was like that ALL over the floor.  It was really white underneath, but you never would've guessed it...  So, I got down on my hands and knees for like a week straight and ZAPPED the crap out of those stains.  The floor looked brand new and oh so pretty when I was finished.

Another problem -- the mirror.  It was a nice sized mirror, but it had water damage around the edges.  So, we built a frame for it -- it really made it look completely different.  But, see for yourself:

This was another cheap 'remodel' -- although nothing really was done other than some good old fashioned elbow grease....  And, I have to admit, the yellow and blue really grew on me over the years....once I learned to embrace it and find some cute matching accessories, I really started to like it.  It is perfect for the kids too.  Now, our master bathroom...well, that was another that DID require a complete overhaul...but that is for another post...keep your eyes peeled!!  :)


Katie said...

You need to stop posting these pics of the improvements, because you're making ME want to move there and buy your place! :)

Laura Palid said...

Have you put out a scapbook of before and after pictures for potential buyers? I heard that was a good idea on HGTV. :)

mel said...

I, too, loved the yellow tile and blue in the bathroom. So cheery, especially on a gloomy winter day.

mel said...

And when you say, ZAPPED them, what exactly do you mean? Is it a product named Zapped?

Anna said...

This might be the most amazing one yet to me. In the before picture, the dark cabinets made the counter tops just look dirty. But the white cabinets make them shine! I love the blue and yellow. And I am one of the people who painted light cabinets dark!