Monday, January 23, 2012

Week 3: Project 366

Week 3 of Project 366!  I'm impressed I've stuck with it this long already.  There have been days where I haven't snapped a picture all day long and have to scramble at the end to capture something, but I've still managed to capture good snapshots of our life as it is happening...that will only get harder as the year goes on, I imagine...  But for now, enjoy!

Day 15:  Jan 15, 2012 -- my goals for the year are still going strong. Getting my workout in during the boys' naptime so we can enjoy our dinner tonight during our date night at Flemings.

Day 16:  Jan 16, 2012 -- I had the day off and the house to myself so I decided to paint the playroom. I love how the color looks in the sunshine with all the windows! (SW waterscape for those curious).

Day 17:  Jan 17, 2012:  a snowy commute into work this morning.  The roads were pretty slippery but the snow was still pretty as it came down...

Day 18:  Jan 18, 2012 -- many things in our household get repurposed, but none is more favored than this metal strainer.  It gets worn as a hat, or a mesh fencer face mask.  Don't worry, we do wash it before we actually need to use it!

Day 19:  Jan 19, 2012: brushing teeth after the nightly bath time. Sam's too short to use the step stool, so he gets to sit on the countertop.

 Day 20:  Jan 20, 2012 - the boys help shovel out the driveway after our 'snow storm' today.

Day 21:  Jan 21, 2012. Laundry day in our house -- quite the pile up!

You may notice that the past two weeks I have been posting weekly, Project 52 pictures.  This week I decided to stop doing that mainly because the pictures I ended up using for that project really weren't different from my Project 366 pictures -- and that is a lot more pictures to have to worry about or remember.  It's one picture a week, really, and if I keep with this picture a day thing, that will make me much happier in the end.  22 days and going strong!


mel said...

Love the blue playroom - makes even a dreary day a happy day.

Katie said...

Great color in the playroom. I really like the strainer pic. It reminds me of using my grandma's wire basket steamer for the same purpose when I was young.

Jereé Anderson said...

Haha! So cute. <3.

Beth said...

The new color in the playroom makes it look like a SPA room!! So tranquil and breezy, I love it!!