Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week 7: Project 366

Week 7 of Project 366!  I'm impressed I've made it this long!

43| 366 Playdate - Feb 12, 2012 - Nina came over for a Sunday morning playdate (or Sunday morning coffee talk for Mommy and Laura).  We're so lucky our kids get along so well.  (And yes I did finally put away all the xmas paraphenlia, so the card holder on the shelf behind them is now thankfully packed up until next year).

44 | 366 - Wrestling -  Feb 13, 2012  Sam is into all types of sports and "boy" activities.  Wrestling is one of his favorites.  He 'got me' here.

45 | 366 New Year's Resolutions - Feb 14, 2012.  I was waiting and waiting for school to send this piece of Little Max's artwork home with me.  His resolution for 2012 is to "clean the dishes and clean up the mess for 100 days".  What a goal setter, my son!

46 | 366 hearts - Feb 15, 2012.  Valentine's heart garland made out of paint chips.  LOVE it.  I will probably have this hanging until Easter.  :)

47 | 366 sucker  - Feb 16, 2012.  My little sucker eating a Valentine's day sucker after dinner.  He looks so grown up in this picture...and he really needs a haircut!

48 | 366 Tikka Masala - Feb 17, 2012.  I made this recipe after pinning it to my 'Crockpotting' board on Pinterest, and I was not impressed.  I did add lentils to it, but I don't think that was the issue.  I'm not ready to give up on Tikka Masala yet and will try another recipe first.  What this dinner WAS successful in doing, however, was giving me cravings for Ethiopian food.  I love going HERE...anyone want to join me?

49 | 366 stud - Feb 18, 2012 - My stud of a husband has decided to build me some shelving units in the basement. I am such a lucky girl! AND, he did it all in ONE DAY (without being asked). SWOON.

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