Monday, May 14, 2012

ReCalls Plus -- She Speaks App Review


I was super stoked when SheSpeaks asked me to test out this new (FREE) app and blog about it.  As a busy working mom to two young boys, you can imagine all that I have to keep straight on a daily basis....and if you can't, well, there is a LOT.  I am already signed up to receive email notifications from the CPSC for child-related product recalls (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission -- you can sign up at, but I find that most of those recalls, while timely, don't often apply to me specifically....enter Recalls Plus.

The (FREE) Recalls Plus app allows me to create my own "Personal Watch Lists" which are composed of products that I already have IN MY HOUSE -- and then, if ANY of those get recalled, I know IMMEDIATELY.  You can not only track product recalls, but also food allergen recalls (this doesn't apply to us, but I know this is a big deal for many of my friends). 

This (FREE) app is newly launched, and I really think it is a great, proactive way to stay on top of all the latest recalls, whether they be for strollers, cribs, play toys, or even foods your kids might be exposed to.  Knowing that I can quickly check on things through this app also gives me a stronger peace of mind --- something you know all of us moms are constantly on the look out for, right?

According to SheSpeaks, the app was "created by SAP, a market leader in software applications whose vision is to help the world run better.  [Their] diverse team consists of parents and others who are focused and passionate about parenting issues -- working around the clock to make sure [they] don’t miss catching a recall on kid’s products or food with undeclared allergens." 

If you are interested, the (FREE) app is available for Android or Apple...and for those of you that don't have app friendly devices, they even have a Facebook page!  Or, you can just click HERE to see all the options for download and more info on the app all in one place.

Oh yeah, did I mention this yet....the app is FREE...what are you waiting for?  Seriously.  FREE.

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